Where to drop to find the best weapons and gear in PUBG Mobile

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It is very important to know and understand all the maps and their areas correctly, since this way we can plan the best routes to move, look for the sites that have the best resources and know the next position of the storm circle, since anticipation is essential in this video game. Once we have mastered this, it will be much easier for us to reach the end of the games and we will have a better chance of winning them.

How do I identify each area of ​​the PUBG Mobile map

PUBG Mobile maps are quite large, so you can drop into many areas to take the game. All of them have different resources that can benefit us more or less, depending on the moment and the situation in which we find ourselves. Therefore, we must know how to identify the points of interest, which are indicated with a yellow silhouette. However, we can also find hidden areas that are not indicated on the map that have very interesting resources, although these are more difficult to identify.

On the other hand, as you already know the weapons and armor are distributed in a random on the map, but there are always areas where you will be more likely to find better loot. However, not everything is as simple as it seems, since it will also be in these locations where we will find more enemies. Therefore, we must seek balance by falling into less traveled areas where we can find a loot decent to progress in the game.

Tricks to land or fall in those that are further away

PUBG Mobile landing

As we said, it is very important to decide in advance the area in which we are going to land in order to get the best resources. But it is also important to do it faster than the rest of the players, and to reach the places that are farthest from the plane earlier. The most important thing is to master the movement while we fall, and this is achieved by playing many games.

The velocity fall is a very important factor, and we can modify it in different ways. If we decide to fall plummeting, it will give us maximum speed, although you should know that if you change your decision at the last minute, mobility will be reduced. We must do this in situations where we are just above the location. On the other hand, if we fall moving we can move faster to other areas of the map further away, as if we decided to do so slowing down, but in this way it will take much longer to land and as a consequence we will have less chance of getting a good loot.

Best resource areas in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


Erangel PUBG Mobile

It is the first map that came out in the video game, and it is also the most popular of all. It is also the largest and therefore where we can find the best resources. The best place to land is Sosnovka, a military base where you can find enough weapons to reach the end of the game. In addition, it has areas around it where we can also get rifles and assault rifles. Pochinki It is another very good option with objects, since it is one of the largest cities and with the best situation to fall, although you must bear in mind that you will find many enemies.


This map is ideal for carrying precision rifles, since it has very large areas in which we can kill our enemies from long distances. The best area on the map to land on is Military base, where we can find the best weapons in the game, such as the AKM. In addition, level 3 accessories are also common to improve weapons, so we can come out with very good loot of this area. Los Leones is the next location, the busiest city on this island. Here we will meet many enemies in search of armor to survive as long as possible.


Sanhok PUBG Mobile

This map has many very interesting locations to drop, since they are usually large cities with large amounts of resources. If we fall into Ruins, we will find high-level weapons, bullets and accessories of all kinds. It is quite wide and has many critical points, so you will have to be aware of your enemies. On the other hand, Bootcamp It is also a very good option, since we can find level 2 accessories and consumables of all kinds, in addition to weapons such as the M24 or the M416.


It is the smallest map in the game, since it has an area of ​​2 × 2 kilometers in which 64 players can fall, making it a good option for quick games or if you want to level up easily. Cave bunkers It is one of the best areas that can help you get the game going. You can find some great loot if you access their underground tunnels, although you must be careful of the C4 that clings to the walls. You can also fall into Bahr Sahir, a city with many buildings where you can find large amounts of armor and weapons. However, snipers will be stalking you from afar, as it is a fairly open area.


Vikendi PUBG Mobile

Although it is currently disabled, it is one of the most famous maps in the game. It is completely bathed in snow and has very interesting cities. The best place to fall is Castle, a huge building that is also one of the most conflictive places on the map. You can find a good loot and armor in no time, although you should look well for weapons in their largest buildings. Goroka It is also a great option, located in the northwest area. It is packed with weapons and accessories to kill any enemy, although you will also be very exposed to them. It’s best to pick up submachine guns for big close-range battles.


Lastly, Livik is a 2 × 2 map in which only 40 players can participate. Despite its small size, it has many areas to make the games very dynamic. Midstein It is a great area to drop down as it has many buildings where you can find the best tier 2 and 3 weapons and accessories in some cases. If you haven’t found enough healings or shields here, you can go to Thermal waters, an area where you can immerse yourself and regain your health quickly.