Where can you watch Pluto TV for free?

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devices to watch pluto tv

See the television for free It is one of the main attractions for Spanish users, and from any other country, at present, so it is interesting to know which are the most attractive services that are presented to us on conventional television.

Within them, Pluto TV is an interesting alternative to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and others. One of its main charms is that it is completely free, although at the cost of having to see advertising from time to time.

Therefore, we are going to comment on what it consists of and where to watch Pluto TV so you can fully enjoy the experience of watching television however you want.

What is Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an internet television platform that operates through ViacomCBS Streaming in which you can see more than 60 television channels from more and more supported platforms.

You can view its content from its website as Android and iOS mobile devices and compatible devices. You can also see it from Movistar +, to which it is associated.

It is a platform of video on demand with ads, so while you see its content, short ads will appear from time to time. However, one of its clear advantages is that its content is totally gratuitous for you, so you won’t have to pay to access their channels.

Another advantage of this internet television service is that you will not have to register, so you will not be asked for your data and you will not need to worry about logins. Once you access Pluto TV you can start enjoying its contents.

In addition to the more than 60 television channels, it has content on demand, although at present its catalog of series and films is still very limited.

Watch Pluto TV on your computer

pluto tv on computer

To be able to watch Pluto TV in your browser, all you have to do is enter your Pluto TV website. Maybe the first time you enter you will see the links of their mobile apps. You only have to accept cookies and give to follow on website. The next time you enter you will do it directly on the platform.

As soon as you enter, you will be able to see many channels to access. At the bottom of Pluto TV you can choose between live TV and content on demand (On Demand). By browsing the platform you can find what you want. It is all very intuitive.

In principle it is compatible with all browsers that you may have on your computer, although Pluto TV recommends using Chrome, Safari or Firefox for a better experience. It is important that you have your browser updated for greater security.

Mobile phones and tablets

One of the main advantages of this internet television service is that you can use it from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The only condition they must meet is that they have Android and iOs operating system.

Pluto TV’s Beta program is currently complete, so you can download the app of the service from your mobile device. Also, remember that you can access television from the browser you have installed on your device.


One of the operating systems that Pluto TV supports is Android. Therefore, if you want to watch television from your smartphone, tablet or Android device, you just have to visit Google Play Store and download the Pluto TV app.

This app It is available on all Google devices, including Android TV, although the versions of the app vary depending on the device.

It is important to keep your updated device to the latest Android version, since compatibility problems with older devices and previous versions have been appreciated. The most recent, updated models should not give any problems.

It should be noted that, if you access from the browser of your deviceYou will also be able to access the service, although it is sure that it is more convenient for you to have the application already installed.


To be able to enjoy the service from your Android device, you just have to visit the App Store and download the Pluto TV app to start using it. You will see that once installed it will be very easy for you to access its contents and move around the platform.

This service is available to all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), including Apple TV, although the version may vary depending on the device. You must make sure you have the latest version.

For greater security and experience, it is recommended that you keep your device updated in the latest iOS version. In this case there were also compatibility problems with previous versions and old devices, since it requires iOS 11.0 or later.

As in the other cases, if you access the streaming service from your browser you will be able to see the contents in real time, although it is more convenient to have the application installed so as not to have to write Pluto TV in the browser whenever you want to watch TV.

Smart tv

One of the advantages of this service is that it is also compatible on Smart TV, specifically those that have the operating system Android and iOS. To give you an idea, smart TVs from Sony, Samsung, LG and Vizio are supported, as well as any other that has Android TV, Apple TV, Tizen or webOS.

Tizen and WebOs have recently joined the list of OS that are compatible with Pluto TV, so you can enjoy their content on the most modern televisions. In the case of Tizen, the service accepts TV models from the Samsung brand 2016 onwards. In the case of webOS, the Pluto TV app has been available since May 2021. You just have to go to its application store, search for it and install it.

In any case, if you are considering buying a new television, evaluate the operating system it has to see if you can use the service natively.


watch pluto tv

One of the main reasons to use Chromecast is that it is compatible with any television, so it is used a lot when you do not have a Smart TV or it is not compatible with a service of interest.

Google Chromecast with Google TV It is the latest version of the device by means of which you can turn your television with HDMI into a Smart TV. You just have to connect it to the television and use the remote control. In the applications section you should look for Pluto TV in the television or entertainment section. Press and download it. You can see it in My apps.

If you do not have this latest version of the device, you can watch Internet TV on Chromecast, you just have to install the app on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. You should update it to the latest version in the app store. Thus, you can send what you see to your TV, as long as it has the Chromecast or is compatible with Google technology natively.

You just have to open the app and put the channel you want to see, or even access the content on demand. Once this is done, in the player you give “Cast to Chromecast” and choose which one you want to send the content to by clicking on the device.

By doing this correctly, you will be watching your favorite content on your television in no time.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is one of the cheapest and most popular solutions to convert your HDMI television into a Smart TV or upgrade your television into a more comfortable and easy-to-use interface.

If you want to see the contents of Pluto TV on your device, you just have to install the app from the app store on the Fire TV Stick, normal, lite, or 4K. To do this, you will first have to identify yourself with your linked Amazon account.

You can click on the pluto tv box that there are along with other apps in the “Live” section. Once this is done, you will be able to download and open it as normal. In addition, it will be integrated into the Live section.

Roku and other decos

As you can see, this free content service is available on a large number of devices, sometimes using decoders such as those mentioned above, Roku and some more.

Roku is a device through which you can turn a TV into a Smart TV with HDMI cable or USB input. With it you can also access Pluto TV. All you have to do is find the Pluto TV app and hit Add Channel.

Once a channel is added and you receive a confirmation message, you will be able to enjoy the streaming service. Check before your version and it is compatible with Pluto TV, right now with the version 7.0 firmware or later.

If you want to know where to watch Pluto TV and if your decoder is compatible, you can check it on the web support or your decoder.

Other devices

There are many devices with which this television service can be reproduced, so we have already mentioned some of the most interesting, among which the computer, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, other devices with decoders and consoles could not be missing.

Therefore, we cannot finalize this list of devices with which this free streaming service can be reproduced without mentioning the console models in which you can install Pluto TV. Do you want to know what they are and how to have free television on your game console?


As with other services like Netflix, you can access Pluto TV on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox searching for the application and installing it on your game console. It is interesting that you know that, in the case of Sony, you can only install the app on PS4, since this not available on PS3.

As in the other cases, you also have the option of use the browser and enter with the Pluto TV link, which is not the most comfortable, but it can be a solution if you have no other alternative and want to watch live television from your console.

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