When will you receive the COVID vaccine in Spain: this web application helps you know it

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Google COVID vaccines

The vaccination campaign against COVID-19 has begun already in Spain, as well as in the rest of Europe. Currently two vaccines are used, on which Google will give us verified information at all times. Now that this vaccination campaign has begun, thousands of citizens in Spain are wondering when it will be their turn to receive this vaccine.

The fact that a person receives the vaccine against COVID-19 in Spain before will depend on various factors (age, work activity, previous illnesses …). Many will have to wait months, but thanks to the OmniCalculator web app you will be able to know when you will receive the vaccine in your case.

Find out when you will receive the vaccine with OmniCalculator

Vaccination Schedule Calculator in Spain

OmniCalculator will predict how long you will have to wait to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. To determine this they are based on the vaccination schedule that the Ministry of Health of Spain Has published. The operation of this web application is very simple, you will only have to fill in a series of data, with which the expected date will be determined. The questionnaire is the one that you can see up here, and which you can also access at this link.

You will have to specify the autonomous community in which you reside, your age and mark if you work as a health worker, a dependent or in places such as prisons, juvenile centers or others. When you have filled in all the parameters in said questionnaire, the number will be displayed maximum and minimum number of people ahead in the vaccination queue. This will give you a rough idea of ​​the waiting time.

This calendar is presented as a very helpful tool to know how long will you have to wait to receive this vaccine in Spain. The figures are based on said government calendar, so if there are delays, such as the shipment of some doses arriving later, this is something that will affect that calendar. Although Spain is one of the countries that are vaccinating the most, so it seems that the schedule initially proposed will be fulfilled.

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