WhatsApp’s vacation mode shows signs of life and changes its name again

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WhatsApp's vacation mode shows signs of life and changes its name again 1

WhatsApp continues to be the most used messaging application in Spain despite recent privacy controversies. The company continues to work on new functions to keep pace with developments, although sometimes there are some that take longer than necessary.

Vacation mode is one of the platform’s most anticipated features, a feature that’s been in development for quite some time and underwent a name change in the process. Not happy with it, it has reappeared in the latest beta version of WhatsApp, with a new name change.

WhatsApp’s vacation mode is now called Read Later

After the launch of the beta version of WhatsApp, the guys from WABetaInfo have analyzed the application to find out what features are hidden, features that, although not yet functional, do help us to know what is to come.

WhatsApp Read Later

The feature known as vacation mode has been in development for months, a feature that was recently renamed to “Notify New Messages.” In the latest version, it changed its name again and now it will be called “Read Later”, a function that we already knew and that little by little is taking shape.

This feature would replace archived chats, changing their behavior. In WhatsApp, when you archive a chat, it reappears among your messages once you receive a new notification. The chats that are within “Read later” would have the difference of being kept within the folder regardless of whether in these conversations you receive new messages or not, adopting a style similar to that of telegram.

The possibility of keeping the messages within the section will be optional, since we can have the traditional behavior of the archived messages that have been available since 2014.

WhatsApp's vacation mode shows signs of life and changes its name again 2

Among the hidden features of the new beta, there are also minor changes in the multimedia delivery interface, now the speech bubble to enter text is much more evident, which adds a contrast that makes it more visible.

At the moment it is unknown when the new feature will reach all users, but we will inform as soon as they are available.

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