WhatsApp will lock your account if you use WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp

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WhatsApp will lock your account if you use WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp 1

WhatsApp has been on the lips of many in Spain for its controversies with its conditions of use, which have been postponed for a few months. Not only have its privacy issues been criticized in the past, but the few customization options it provides are something that many users dislike.

Users looking for more customization options often end up turning to illegal alternatives, like WhatsApp Plus or GB, known to many Android users. The use of this type of alternatives now supposes the blocking of your account in the messaging app, they have made it official.

WhatsApp will block you if you use these alternatives

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In their statement, they have explained that they will suspend all accounts of those users who access the platform through applications that are not official. In fact, these users are already receiving a message within the application informing that their accounts are temporarily suspended. If the official version of WhatsApp is not used, that account could be deleted forever.

In this case, those unsupported apps are old acquaintances: WhatsApp Plus and HB WhatsApp. Also those apps that claim to be able to move the chats of the messaging app from one mobile to another, but which are not the official application. These two unofficial versions of the app have been on the market for a long time and are mainly focused on giving users more customization options.

There have been controversies with these apps for a long time and the app owned by Facebook seeks to reduce the number of users who access from these unofficial versions. In these blockades it is alleged that these unofficial apps violate the terms of service from the official app. Additionally, users are reminded of potential security risks, as it is not possible to validate the security practices of these unofficial versions.

Those users who have already encountered the notice of temporarily suspended account they should download the official version of WhatsApp to continue using your account. Failure to do so runs the risk that the account will be permanently suspended. They are also recommended to save the chat history so as not to lose it when they go to the official version of the app.

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