WhatsApp will have messages that self-destruct after 24 hours

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WhatsApp temporary messages

Last october WhatsApp introduced temporary messages in Spain, a feature that allows chat messages to self-destruct after 7 days. This function is inspired by other applications such as Telegram, thus allowing messages to be deleted forever after that time, in a given chat.

It seems that the popular messaging app is looking to improve these self-destructing messages in a future update. WhatsApp would allow shorten the duration of these temporary messages, giving the possibility that they will be eliminated after 24 hours from their shipment.

WhatsApp improves temporary messages

Temporary messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows Android users to activate these temporary messages in any of their chats, whether they are personal or group chats. By activating this function in one of your chats, the messages you have sent in one of them will be deleted after 7 days definitively. This period of time appears to be somewhat excessive for the application.

The application would be starting to work on giving users the possibility that those temporary messages are deleted after 24 hours. It would be a great reduction in time compared to the current 7 days that this function allows us. What is not known is whether 24 hours will replace 7 days or if the app will give both options and the user will choose.

It seems that this change in temporary messages it would be implemented in all chats on WhatsApp, as usual. That is, you can choose to have messages deleted after 24 hours both in your individual chats and in group conversations. The process to activate them would be the same that we already showed in October of last year.

We will have to wait until this change reaches the application, something for which we do not have dates at the moment. It will most likely take a few months, because this change has not been seen in the app yet.

The WhatsApp entry will have messages that self-destruct after 24 hours, it appears first in The Free Android.