WhatsApp Web also works for iPhone: how to activate it

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The “desktop” version of the popular instant messaging application is also available for the Apple smartphone.

Even iPhone owners can now use WhatsApp via the web, the browser version of the popular instant messaging application. After being done long ago available for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones, the service is now also compatible with Apple mobile phones.

HOW TO ACTIVATE – To use WhatsApp Web for iPhone, visit this site, open the application on your smartphone and select “WhatsApp Web” in the settings. At that moment the iPhone camera is activated, which you have to frame the QR code found on the website. This operation allows you to associate the user’s WhatsApp account with the computer used.

HOW DOES IT WORK – Once the computer is connected and authorized, WhatsApp Web is active and works in all aspects like the smartphone application. You can send messages, photos, emojis, and voice notes.. However, for it to work, both the computer and the smartphone must be connected to the Internet. The advice is to use it when you have an active WiFi connection, to avoid consuming too much data through the cellular network.

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