WhatsApp updates its privacy conditions: how this change affects you

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WhatsApp updates its privacy conditions: how this change affects you 1

If you use WhatsApp on your Android mobile in Spain, it is possible that in the last hours you have seen that the application shows a new notice when you open the app. This is a notice where asks users to accept the new privacy conditions, which are related to a change in the amount of data that the app shares with Facebook and affects users outside of Europe.

This notice that is coming out on WhatsApp is generating quite a lot of controversy, as well as doubts among users. This notice talks about how the messaging application share data with Facebook outside of Europe, and users are asked to accept in order to continue using the application.

WhatsApp updates its privacy conditions

WhatsApp new privacy conditions

When you open the application on your Android phone you already find this notice, that informs of changes in the conditions of use. A new system that was already talked about in December. Although this is a change in the privacy conditions of WhatsApp that affects users outside of Europe, users in Spain and other European countries are also encountering this notice when opening the app.

In these new terms it is revealed that the messaging application will share more data with companies within the Facebook groupdespite pressure from the United States to undo the sale. As the data to be shared is important, this notice is launched for users, who must expressly accept these conditions. If accepted, it must occur before February 8. Users can decline as well, if they wish.

This change affects only users outside of Europe. Within the European Union, due to the GDPR data protection regulations, WhatsApp data will not be shared with Facebook. In fact, users in Europe do not share app data with Facebook or other group companies, nor is it something that will happen in the future. So this change does not affect anyone within the European Union.

If you get this notice on your phone, it is not important that you accept it, since for users in Europe nothing will change. It is not known why this notice is displayed for all WhatsApp users around the world. If you live outside of Europe, you have until February 8 to accept it.

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