WhatsApp, the deception of 1000 gig as a gift

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Watch out for the “suspicious” message: analysts at Ezet, an Israeli company specializing in antivirus software, raised the alarm.

New scam on WhatsApp. Ezet analysts raised the alarm, an Israeli company specializing in antivirus software.

These days, many users are getting a message which establishes that WhatsApp will give away 1,000 gigabytes of free internet to celebrate 10 years of life. However, this is a hoax.

To activate the obviously fake promotion, users are invited to click on a link. The goal is to divert traffic in a portal with graphics similar to those of the popular messaging application created to steal confidential user data. In short, this is the usual fake news: there is no kind of tribute to the tenth anniversary of WhatsApp.

The site, according to experts, does not contain malware or viruses. However, to avoid any risk, the advice is to ignore the message.