WhatsApp strengthens its security on the computer with your fingerprint

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Table of Contents

WhatsApp strengthens its security on the computer with your fingerprint 1

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications in Spain, although it is far from being the perfect application for multiplatform users. The web and desktop application is a clear example of this, requiring that our mobile is connected at all times to connect.

However, if there is a feature that we like about WhatsApp for the computer, and that is that to make the link we must scan the QR code that appears on the computer from our own mobile, which turns it into a physical security key , which will be reinforced in one of the next updates.

WhatsApp on your computer will be more secure with this new feature

WhatsApp Web login

If you have used WhatsApp on your computer you will already know the process, but just in case we will do a review. You open WhatsApp on your computer and a QR code appears, then from your own mobile you open the application, click on the WhatsApp web button and scan the code. Once done, both devices are linked and we can use the messaging application on the computer.

The advantage of this method is that if someone wants to access our mobile, they need physical access to the mobile. Even so, if we are in a shared space and we leave the mobile unlocked, there is still the risk that someone will take advantage of a moment of confusion to take a few seconds and scan the code on their computer. And we may be aware of the WhatsApp Web notification, but it would be too late, and until we revoke the permission, our conversations may have gossiped enough.

WhatsApp strengthens its security on the computer with your fingerprint 2

This situation will no longer be possible after the next updates, since in the coming weeks when we scan the QR code, it will not be linked automatically, but will require us to use our biometric information to verify that it is us.

The biometric verification tool is an API of the system, both on iPhone and Android, and at no time can Facebook or WhatsApp read your fingerprint, but instead consult the operating system if the scanned fingerprint or facial recognition are real or not.

The WhatsApp entry reinforces your computer security with your fingerprint that appears first in The Free Android.