WhatsApp prepares for multi-device support in its new beta

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WhatsApp prepares for multi-device support in its new beta 1

WhatsApp is the messaging application par excellence in Spain, the most popular among Android users. For some time they have been working on introduce support for multiple devices in it, which will allow you to access your account from various devices. This support is getting closer and closer to being official in the application.

In the WhatsApp Web section within the application itself, where we can see the open sessions, a new design is released. Now the page shows us the linked devices, in addition to allowing a device to be linked. The step prior to the introduction of multi-device support in the app.

Multi-device support close to hitting WhatsApp

WhatsApp new screen

Until now, in the WhatsApp Web section in the messaging application on Android there was always talk of open sessions. After this design change we now find devices, an indicator of the change that is approaching the application. The possibility of using WhatsApp on several devices is close, in addition, it will be possible without having to keep the mobile connected.

On the page you can see the devices in which there is a session started, the computer in which you have a session in the Web version. We also meet with the button to pair a device, and when clicking on it, we are asked to verify our identity using the fingerprint sensor or another system.

This new screen therefore tells us that support for various devices on WhatsApp it is now closer to being official. The application still does not give dates so far for the introduction of this function. If we currently click on the link devices button, we are only allowed to log in to their web version, but it will surely soon be possible to do so on more devices.

If you have the latest beta of the messaging application installed on your phone, you can now see this new screen. Now we just have to wait for the support for several devices to be introduced into the application, something that seems not to take long.

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