WhatsApp now informs you of the news from the states

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In recent weeks, there have been many news related to a change in the privacy conditions of WhatsApp. Although this change does not affect Spain or the rest of the countries of the European Union, the uproar caused has caused the company to delay their entry into force.

In addition, to try to better explain what the news of the application will be, WhatsApp has launched a new channel, within the states of the app itself.

Changes in WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp now informs you of the news from the states 1

From the last WhatsApp update we can occasionally see a new status with the application logo. This will be a way to communicate new functions of the app, without having to read the change logs from the Play Store or be aware of the company’s social networks.

When we see them they are marked as read and after 24 hours, as in the rest of the states, it will disappear.

The privacy issue continues to creep

WhatsApp now informs you of the news from the states 2

WhatsApp wanted to take advantage of the launch of this function to emphasize that the privacy conditions do not change in countries like Spain.

The reality is that, although it does not read or listen to the messages we send, the application is capable of extracting a large amount of our data from our mobile, as we told you in the article in which we compared it with alternatives such as Signal or Telegram .

In fact, Signal has recently been updated with functions similar to those of WhatsApp to try to attract more users of this app.

The WhatsApp entry now informs you of the news since the states appear first in The Free Android.