WhatsApp launches encrypted backups: so you can protect your messages

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WhatsApp launches encrypted backups: so you can protect your messages

WhatsApp has improved the security of its Android application by introducing the expected encrypted backup. Once activated said copy will be blocked by a password that only the user will know; thereby preventing access to the messages to unauthorized persons.

By default, all WhatsApp chats remain end-to-end encrypted, making access to messages and multimedia content impossible. Neither the attackers who capture the shipment nor WhatsApp itself can read what the messages say, but the same did not happen with the backup: although the conversations were not saved in plain text, there were tools to access them. From now on that tap is closed.

Encrypted backups already in WhatsApp beta

Encrypted Backup Whatsapp

We had been anticipating the novelty for a few months, and it is finally available. Although yes, it is not in the application menu for all users: despite the fact that WhatsApp has included encrypted backups in its latest beta, you must manually activate this feature from your servers. So it is not enough to install the latest version, it is likely that these encrypted copies will not appear.

In our WhatsApp with beta version we already have it available. As expected, the encryption process allows protect the backups with a password so that nobody can decrypt the messages if they do not know the key. The process is simple and takes a few minutes to complete. Each backup will then be automatically encrypted before being saved on the phone and also on Google drive.

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To activate the encrypted backup, the following process must be carried out:

  • Make sure you have the latest WhatsApp beta installed (you can download it from APK Mirror). Remember that maybe you don’t have the option, even if you have the beta.
  • Access the top menu of the three points and click on “Settings”.
  • Go to “Chats” and enter “Backup”.
Encrypted Backup Whatsapp

  • There you will see the function of “End-to-end encrypted backup“In the event that he does not appear, you must wait.
  • Click on “Activate” and start the encryption process.
Encrypted Backup Whatsapp

You can encrypt the copy with a 64-digit key that WhatsApp gives you, although it is more practical to create a password

  • Click on “Create password” to protect the backup with a key. Alternatively, you can use a 64-digit key that your WhatsApp will generate, but it is not recommended since it’s easier to lose it; with the risk of losing all your saved messages as well.
  • Write the chosen password and repeat it to verify that it is the one you want. It is important that you remember her: choose one that is not easy to figure out and that you remember.
Encrypted Backup Whatsapp

  • Click on “Create” to encrypt the backup.
  • WhatsApp will encrypt the copy and save it on the phone, it will also sync it with Google Drive.

Through this process you add an extra layer of security to the copy of your messages. Although yes, you will need to enter the password when you restore your WhatsApp account. In case you don’t remember her you will not be able to recover all your messages, photos, videos and audio notes, keep it in mind. WhatsApp itself already warns of this.

Encrypted Backup Whatsapp

Restore process in WhatsApp login

When restoring the backup when you are starting your WhatsApp on another phone (or because you have deleted it) the service will ask you to enter the password with which you encrypted the backup before restoring it. Once the copy is uploaded, you will recover your WhatsApp as you had it. In the event that you do not know the password, you will have lost everything.

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WhatsApp launches encrypted backups: so you can protect your messages

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