WhatsApp is already testing the multi-device mode in its beta

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Last June, during an interview Mark Zuckerberg offered the first details of multi-device support from WhatsApp, confirming that this feature would begin to reach the first users in a month or two. Well, that moment has already come.

The mode WhatsApp multi-device has started to activate its early access through its beta, with which after more than a year of leaks finally this long-awaited feature begins to be a reality.

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WhatsApp multi-device

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The multi-device support beta of the popular messaging client is reaching the first lucky ones in which WhatsApp has enabled them to access the preview. Of course, at the moment this novelty is only being tested in WhatsApp Beta.

To know if we have been one of the selected accounts, we just have to go Settings> Linked devices (or WhatsApp Web) and check if the new option “Multi-device beta” appears. If so, we can join the beta of its new multi-device mode.

Multi-device support of WhatsApp will allow us to link our mobile with up to four additional devices (WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop or Portal) to continue chatting with our contacts even if we have the mobile off. Not like now, that the mobile has to be connected to be able to synchronize with our WhatsApp.

Wa Join Multi Device Android

When we activate the beta of the multi-device we will see how in WhatsApp Web or Desktop the beta icon appears to inform us that we are using a new version that does not depend on our mobile to work.

WhatsApp informs that our chats are not saved in the cloud and that they will be end-to-end encryption on all our devices. After 14 days of inactivity, the device is unlinked for security reasons.

It is expected that during the next few weeks this gradual launch of the multi-device support of WhatsApp will begin to reach more users little by little, so that it will reach the whole world throughout this year. Yes indeed, at the moment WhatsApp does not allow using the same WhatsApp account on several mobiles, only on computers.

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WhatsApp is already testing the multi-device mode in its beta

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