WhatsApp disappears from the share menu of the Pixel camera

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WhatsApp disappears from the share menu of the Pixel camera 1

WhatsApp has been on the lips of many in Spain these weeks, although not always for the best reasons, due to the controversy generated with its change of conditions of use, which has been postponed for a few months. The messaging application continues its bad streak, after having updated to its new version.

This new version of WhatsApp has caused the application disappear from the share menu on the Google Pixel camera. An error that apparently has been present for several weeks, after being notified for the first time at the beginning of this month of January, as they have discovered from Android Police.

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Google Pixel menu share without WhatsApp

The problem has its origin in the new WhatsApp update, so that those with a version 2.21.1 and higher of the messaging app see how the app icon disappears from the share menu of the Pixel camera. Initially it was thought that it was the Pixel camera app that caused this failure, but after testing with previous versions of it, it could be seen that it was not the source of the failure.

Users who used the WhatsApp beta they couldn’t see the app in that share menu in the camera. While users with the stable version of the messaging app (version 2.20.206 or lower) continue to have this icon in that share menu on the Pixel camera. Uninstalling the beta and installing the stable version was a good way to solve this problem.

We say it was, because the new stable version of the messaging application (number 2.21) has begun its deployment these past days. In this new stable version the same problem is repeated than in the beta, so that any user is affected by this failure. It does not matter if you have beta or stable, the icon of the messaging app is not shown in the Google Pixel share menu.

It seems that this is a temporary failure, but WhatsApp has not reacted to this error so far. Those users who have this bug can resort to installing a previous version of the messaging app, a process that we have explained to you. The APK of version 2.20.206 does not suffer from this failure, so it may be the version to install on the mobile.

The WhatsApp entry disappears from the share menu of the Pixel camera appears first in The Free Android.