What’s new in Chrome: New player for Android

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Rather, it is an update with a redesign of the legendary browser media player that appears in the notification panel of the Android terminal. A Reddit user recently shared a post that highlights all the upcoming changes for the Google Chrome media player.

Google Chrome: fast and secure
Google Chrome: fast and secure

You can select the audio output

The truth is that it is a section that has been improved very little by little, with a process that has passed throughout all versions of Chrome, both Canary and the Chromium development team.

We say it’s not new because Google released new media player controls for Chrome in January of last year. The feature added a new icon next to the address bar for easy access to said player controls. More recently, Google released an update for media controls in the Chrome Canary version, which added a progress bar and dynamic backgrounds to the interface. The company is now working to bring even more features and enhancements to the media player, including an output selector, artwork settings, volume controls, and more.

As you can see from the attached screenshot, the Chromium developers are working to add a new button to the media player that will help users to easily change the output device. The button will appear just below the song title, and tapping it will open a drop-down list of all available output devices.

Adjust video or song covers

The thing does not stop there, and it is that there are also changes in the cover that Chrome shows us in the player. This way, if the album art of a song is too big to fit in the small square window of the media player, Google Chrome cuts out said cover. Most of the time, this makes the figures that make up the dial look distorted and unnoticeable.

new google chrome player

The developers are working to solve this problem by automatically reducing the inlay to fit the square in a more proportionate way. In case that size reduction leaves an empty space, Chrome will also fill that space with a complementary background color. Also, if a song has no artwork, the browser will display a blank square, something it already does today.

Along with these two changes, the Chromium developers are also working to add new volume controls to the Google Chrome media player. Once this feature is implemented, the media player will include a volume slider and a mute button. The developers are also testing minor changes to the button layout, removing the next song or previous song buttons from the top of the media player.

All these new features will be implemented in the Google browser, although the bad news is that there is no official or concrete date for the arrival of these severe and important changes. Of course, taking into account that the phase is in Chromium, it will not take too long.