What’s new and how to access the game

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It has many new features that we are going to comment on along these lines, always bearing in mind that it is a mobile game. With this we mean that the result of Diablo Immortal can raise suspicions and that the stigma of “this is not what we expected” arises, with respect to the computer version, although it has many benefits. However, we can combat the wait with many of the games very similar to Diablo on mobile.

Devil Immortal
Devil Immortal

Diablo Immortal alpha release updates

Now comes why this Devil is called Immortal, is for he Conflict Cycle. Players start out as adventurers, heroes who gain fame and fortune by fighting evil and protecting Sanctuary. But they will be subjected to this cycle, an eternal struggle for power between the most powerful heroes of Sanctuary, where at the top are the immortals, an elite group devoted to defend Sanctuary from Burning Hells.

Be that as it may, Blizzard Entertainment just kicked off the second closed alpha of the game. For this occasion, some Android users who signed up from Australia will be invited, as well as select members of the international press and the Diablo community in particular. If you’ve already been keeping track of the first alpha, which dates from December, you’ll find that this new version (focused on more advanced content) comes loaded with novelties.

devil immortal combat

This version of the game will increase the maximum character level from 45 to 55 and introduce a new class, the divine warrior: a heavy combatant who combines maces with holy magic to exterminate demonic minions.

Also featured are a couple of new patrollable areas (Mount Zavain, centered on the Khazra beastmen, and the Frozen Tundra guarded by Baal’s brood) as well as a new dungeon called Cavern of Echoes, located in this second area. These places are centered to look for the tear of ice flames, a long-lost relic.

New progression system for this Diablo game

Some completely new features debut, too, like a new progression system based on factions fought through meticulous PvP matches: the Shadows and the Immortals. The competitive section will be carried out through the Battlefields, a space of 8 vs. 8 players where the teams share attack and defense roles until they win the game. Two other important new features are the transfer of essences and the Infercario.

devil immortal departure

The first is, essentially, a system that allows you to carry stats from one legendary weapon to another; while the second will make you hunt down different bosses and catch them to get rewards. With the Infercario, you can level up this device with the slag obtained, that Blacksmith Charsi can refine to make Hellfire Slag; the object is used to find boss demons, challenge them and set a trap for them.