What’s in Windows 10 that won’t be in Windows 11?

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What's in Windows 10 that won't be in Windows 11? 1

Beyond the obvious changes that we will see in design, interface or functions, we also have to take into account that Windows 11 will not only add but will also eliminate many functions or tools, there will be changes in the different menus or in what we use every day. The taskbar will change and we know that Cortana will disappear, for example. There will also be applications that do not come installed by default and with which until now we had. Although the changes will continue to be announced, we collect some of the Windows 10 features disappearing in Windows 11, that change …

Windows 11 will arrive in October 2021 and we will have to follow some minimum requirements to install it in our computer as a 1 GHz processor or more, etc. But we not only have to take into account what is necessary to update but also what will happen once you update, what will be there, what will be missing, what will have changed places.

Although we still do not know everything that will change until it is finally released, we do know many of the main changes that we will have with this renewed version of the OS.

Taskbars and Start Menu

On the main screen a series of tools, options and appearances will change.

  • Cortana

Cortana will not disappear in the new version of the operating system, but it will disappear from the Taskbar. Nor will it be included in this nor will it be docked for use from here. But Cortana will continue to exist as an application and you will be able to use it.

  • Start menu

There will be changes to the start menu. Pinned apps and websites They will not remain stored when we migrate to the new operating system or the groups and folders of the programs will no longer be available from this menu.

  • News and interests

Nor will we have in the taskbar the function “News and Interests” that we have had so far and that we could deactivate in case it was not interesting. It shows us a series of headlines for the day but it will no longer be available when we use the new version of the Windows operating system.

windows 10 news interests

  • Synchronized wallpaper

We will no longer be able to have a desktop background that is synchronized or transferred to another device when we sign in with a Microsoft account. It will no longer be similar, even if you log in and this synchronization disappears in the new operating system.

  • Math input panel

The math input panel will stop installing available although there will be mathematical handwritten input in some specific applications where you may need it.

  • Other changes

There will also be other changes to the taskbar beyond the news or Cortana. For instance, can only be placed at the bottom of the screen and we will not be able to move it to the left, right or up. We will also see that icons such as “contacts” disappear or that other icons will not appear in the system tray. And we also know, so far, that applications will not be able to customize the parts of the taskbar. In addition, as we already knew, there will be an aesthetic change with the renewal of the different menus, icons, etc.

And there will be other changes to the screen beyond the bar as such. For example, until now we could place apps that appear on the lock screen to see some notifications in the same way as we do on the mobile phone, for example. Now we will not be able to do it but it is expected that this will be replaced by widgets.

Some of these settings and icon redesign They can be seen in the presentation video launched by Microsoft in June 2011 where he already lets us see what the new interface, the desktop, the design of the icons, the bar will be like. Or new functions or new distribution in sections such as settings, for instance.

Modes and settings

Some modes will disappear in Windows 11 and others will be renamed or changed their functions to adapt, improve and modernize. This is the case of Tablet Mode or S Mode that will undergo changes in the coming months.

  • Windows 11 S mode

Windows 11 S Mode will not be in all versions but we can only have it in the version of Windows 11 Home and not in the other editions of the system.

  • Tablet mode

There is no longer tablet mode. It will disappear and other options will be used that include specific functions for connection and disconnection positions. The tablet mode or tablet mode was intended for devices such as Microsoft Surface but now it will automatically detect that tablet is removed when we remove it and this will automatically activate an interface intended for touch use. That is, the mode disappears as such but the interface will remain adaptable to use touch devices without using a physical keyboard or peripherals.

What's in Windows 10 that won't be in Windows 11? 2

Tools that change or disappear

There are tools that will change and others that will disappear. The Snipping Tool will modify its design and functions and Internet Explorer will no longer be among us to make way for Edge, for example. Other apps will continue to be available but will not be installed by default when you install the operating system. The same happens with specific tools or features such as “Portfolio”.

  • Internet explorer

In the new version of the operating system we will not have Internet Explorer but it will become Edge. Internet Explorer will be disabled if you usually use this browser. We will have to look for an alternative or go for the popular Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead, if we need to. Although Internet Explorer disappears, Edge will have a “IE mode” that will allow us something similar.

edge chromium internet explorer

  • cuts

The Snipping Tool will be available but the functions will be different and also its appearance. As we know so far, the design and functionalities in the Windows 10 version have been replaced by those of the application that is now known as cut and sketch.

  • Wallet

Wallet or “Portfolio” is a tool that also it will disappear from Windows 11.

Pre-installed apps

Some applications will no longer be pre-installed when we install this version of the operating system. Will not disappear, will continue to exist but they will not install on new devices nor will they come by default. Of course, we will continue to have the possibility of downloading them whenever we want from the Microsoft Store.

The applications that will no longer be pre-installed are, for now:

  • Paint 3D
  • OneNote for Windows 10
  • 3D viewer
  • Skype

What's in Windows 10 that won't be in Windows 11? 3

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