What to do when I get the error when checking for updates on Google Play

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Most Android users in Spain use Google Play to download apps on your phone. The store is also the way in which these applications are updated and on a regular basis we look for available updates. Although there are times when errors arise when looking for updates for your applications.

An error that many Android users have faced is one that reports that there has been an error checking for updates on Google Play. If this has happened to you on any occasion, there are a series of solutions that we can look for to put an end to this failure in the application store.

Force its closure

Google Play Store

It is possible that it is a temporary error, something specific, that it will be solved if you close the Google Play Store on your phone and open it again after a few seconds. Therefore, the first thing we should try in these cases is to close the application, either from multitasking or force its closure from the settings.

Most likely, when you open Google Play on your phone again, you will be able to update your applications Normally, you no longer get that error message about the updates, but show the pending updates.

Clear Google Play cache

What to do when I get the error when checking for updates on Google Play 1

Before any problem that arises in the Google Play Store on Android, clearing your cache is always a solution to consider. The accumulation of too much cache is something that can cause failures in its operation, in this case that error message in the updates. If too much cache builds up, it will get corrupted, causing it to malfunction. The steps to follow are: ç

  1. Open the phone settings.
  2. Go to Applications.
  3. Find Play Store in the list.
  4. Get into it.
  5. Go to the storage section.
  6. Click on clear cache.

Once the cache is cleared, it is very likely that this message has stopped going out, so you can see if there are any pending updates for your applications.

Automatic update of applications on Google Play

Google Play Store automatic updates

The fact that this error message appears with the updates in the store may have its origin in our having disabled automatic updates from Google Play, or that we have changed something in this option. For this message to stop coming out, we will have to check the configuration of this function or activate it again. The steps for this are:

  1. Open the Play Store.
  2. Pull down the side menu.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Go to Automatic application update.
  5. Activate this option (any of the first two options).

Depending on the rate you have, you may want to update only when you have WiFi activated on your mobile. When you have the automatic downloads of the applications activated again, this message usually disappears from the screen.

Are Google’s servers down?

Google Play down detector

There are some times when problems with updates from Google Play originate from Google’s own servers. A connection failure on the firm’s servers can cause a problem with the application updates on your phone. So it is something that we must bear in mind, because it could be the origin of this failure.

If we want check if google servers are down, we can use pages like Downdetector. On this page we can always be aware of possible problems or Google Play crashes. So we can at least rule out this option or just confirm that it is the cause of this problem we are facing.

Reboot phone

How to turn off and restart your mobile without pressing the power button

A truism solution, but it can work with any problem we face on Android, also when this update error message appears on Google Play. There may be problems with some of the phone’s processes, so when you restart the phone, these processes stop and everything starts from scratch. There are times when this ends any problem.

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