What to do to prevent the mobile from getting hot in summer

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What to do to prevent the mobile from getting hot in summer

The first hot days of summer arrive and with them, increases in temperature. Heat can be a good ally or a great enemy, depending on the person, although as far as mobile telephony is concerned, the further away it is of our smartphone, the better. From Xataka Android we have already taught you how to take care of the battery temperature, as well as the best summer accessories for your phone. Today it is time to do the same with the general temperature of the mobile.

An excess of temperature in our terminal can accelerate the wear of its components or, in the worst case, break it, so today we collect some tips to keep your phone cooler, and thus avoid unnecessary overheating.

The cover is not a good ally

Mobile cover

Protective covers are the order of the day, even more so in this era of glass terminals that are scratched just by looking at them. If our case is too thick, the mobile will have more problems when it comes to dissipating heat. Does this mean that by using a case the mobile will get hot? Not per seBut it will get hotter than usual when doing demanding tasks.

If you do not want to have the terminal unprotected, you can choose to remove the cover when you are going to use the phone intensively. Thus, you will save a few extra degrees of temperature

If we are taking a few photos on our vacation, playing a game of a demanding game like PUBG Mobile or simply using the phone for several hours, if it has a cover it will heat up more than without it, so it should be removed, at least, when we are going to make intensive use of the terminal.

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Away from the sun, under any circumstances


It might seem obvious that if we do not want the mobile to heat up, we should not put it under the sun. However, expose the phone to the sun It is as simple as using it for a long time under it, leaving it on the table on the terrace where we are having something, and even using it as a GPS and putting the mount on the car’s windshield.

Avoiding the incidence of sunlight on the phone is not that simple. Some habits or frequent actions come from the hand of exposing our phone to the sun, even without us realizing it

These types of performances so common can lead to an increase in terminal temperature (especially in the case of using it as a GPS with the sun shining on the vehicle, or leaving it for a long time on a table on a terrace), so it is advisable to be alert to avoid this exposure to sunlight.

Charge it on a cool surface, and never on fabric

Mobile Charging

In these times of fast charge, it is easy for our phone to take a few degrees too much while we are “going through the pits”. If our floor is cold, it is not a bad idea to leave our mobile on while charging. It’s a pretty homemade trick, but we can assure you that the temperature remains much lower compared to leaving it on the bed or any other surface with a higher temperature.

Restrict background connections and apps

Close Apps

Although the workload of our idle terminal is minimal, in summer any little effort can result in an extra temperature increase. Having good control over background applications to ensure that no process is consuming excess resources and making the CPU work (with the consequent increase in temperature that this entails), can save us more than a scare.

A mobile in constant search of network coverage can get hot. Along with the background processes, this is one of the causes that we find our mobile phone hot even when we have not been using it

The same happens with network connections, and even more so in summer, where it is common to find ourselves in areas and situations in which we do not have coverage and the phone constantly searches for it. Good control over the work the phone does when we are not using it is important, and we can use applications such as AIDA 64 to know the status and temperature of each of the device’s components.

Don’t install apps that promise to lower the temperature

Apps Temperature

The applications to supposedly cool our phone have an identical operation to the battery savers, RAM, performance optimizers … Close all processes at once to momentarily relieve the CPU load. What these applications do not take into account is that many of the apps and services that close reopen in seconds, making the CPU, RAM work even more, and increasing the temperature of our phone.

Applications that promise to cool the phone do not do their job, beyond shutting down all processes at once. The operating system itself warns us about the problems they cause

To make matters worse, these apps are a pit of adware and ironically, consume a lot of resources. As an example, we have installed the first two applications to lower the temperature of the Play Store. The system has warned us of excessive battery consumption on your part, and without even opening the application, we have infested the bar with notices that at no time have we requested or authorized.

As we have recommended above, you can keep track of the phone’s background processes, but manually, always controlling what you close, what you don’t, and the processes you disable so they don’t open again.

What to do if the mobile has already warmed up


If our mobile has overheated, the best solution may be turn it off and avoid any nearby heat source. By turning it off, the phone will gradually reduce its temperature. Do not try to put it in the refrigerator or try solutions that lower the temperature suddenly, since a sudden change in the temperature of the components can damage the terminal.

In short, the solution for the temperature of the mobile is to prevent rather than cure. Although it is completely normal for our mobile phone to be warmer in summer, following some of these steps can be a good preventive step to avoid excessive temperatures.

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What to do to prevent the mobile from getting hot in summer

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