What to do if your Android phone won’t connect to the PC

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What to do if your Android phone won't connect to the PC 1

Connect our Android mobile to the PC It is something that the majority of users in Spain have done on occasion. Be it to transfer files, use emulators, use phone applications on the computer or install an update. Unfortunately, there are times when such a connection is impossible and we find that the PC does not detect the phone.

This is something that surely has happened to many of you, that your computer does not detect the Android phone that you are trying to connect. If this happens to you, there are a series of solutions to try, with which to make the PC detect the device and everything works again.

Check the USB

What to do if your Android phone won't connect to the PC 2

The first thing that can happen is that you have not connected the cable correctly between the two devices. That is why it is convenient to check if this cable is connecting the Android phone and the PC correctly, as well as being in the correct port on your computer. Also try other ports, in case the port does not work well.

If it is well connected, one aspect to consider is whether the cable works or not. A malfunctioning cable may have been chosen, preventing connection between devices. Using a different cable could at least help you to know if this is the source of the problem that prevents your PC from detecting the mobile.

In addition, we must not forget to check if it is the USB port, either of our Android phone or of the computer, the one that does not work in this case. There are times when the USB in a mobile does not work, for which there are several solutions that we can try.

Have you chosen the right mode on your Android mobile?

What to do if your Android phone won't connect to the PC 3

When you connect your Android phone to the PC, you have to choose on the screen of your mobile what you want to do. You may have connected the device and you have chosen a wrong option or not the one you wanted, making it impossible for you to execute that operation you wanted, and it seems that the computer does not detect the device.

If this is a possibility, disconnect the phone from the USB cable and reconnect it to the computer. Thus, in Android you will have this menu on the screen again, where to choose the action you want to perform. If after doing this, the computer still cannot detect the phone, then it is not something that originates from this step. It may also happen that this menu does not appear on the screen, so the connection has not been made.

Restart the devices

How to turn off and restart your mobile without pressing the power button

A solution that continues to work when there are problems with a device. Restart both your Android phone and your PC it can be a good way to make the computer go to detect the phone. The many processes running on the two devices can fail and prevent the connection between the two from being possible.

Therefore, it’s likely that when you’ve rebooted both, you will be able to connect your Android phone to your PC and the computer will detect it without problems. It is better to restart both, since it may not be known in which of the two the failure originated and by doing this we make sure that it will work.

Update your PC drivers

The problem may be with your PC, as the USB port you are connecting the cable to is not working. Update drivers on your computer, in order to end this problem in the USB port, it is something we can try. There are times when some drivers in Windows have become obsolete without us noticing.

With the phone connected, open the Device Manager on your computer, where you can search for the driver. There it looks for updates for it and thus be able to proceed with its update. If there is an update available, try connecting your Android mobile again using the USB. It will probably detect the phone again.

Problem solver

Android USB OTG cable

Windows has a utility tool as the troubleshooter, which can help us to detect its origin, in the event that what we have tested does not work. Thanks to this tool we will be able to have more information about what we should do so that everything will work well again. We can always resort to this option and see if the problem lies elsewhere than we thought.

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