What to do if the pictures with the phone come out blurry

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Taking photos is one of the actions most often perform with our Android phones. The camera has become so in one of the most important aspects of the devices, and one of the most improved thanks to numerous technologies that have been incorporated. Unfortunately, there are times in which there may be failures in its operation.

The camera on Android you may experience some problems, many of them frequent. A problem that probably many users have been faced on occasion is that they have gone to take pictures with the camera and these photos look blurry. If you’ve made several pictures, in all kinds of situations and the result is that in all cases, these photos are blurry, there are some solutions to try.

To close the app camera and open it again

What to do if the pictures with the phone come out blurry 1

It is possible that the origin of this fault is in the camera application, which has suffered a failure in a given time. That is why, try to exit the application, mátala (close it from the menu of recent apps) and then start the app again. When you have done this, try to take a photo again and see if this photo looks blurry or not.

If the photo looks good, it was possibly a fault with the application at that time, that was preventing the photos came out the right way. If, on the contrary still coming out blurry, we will have to resort to other solutions to which the camera will work properly again.

Clean the sensor

Another of the common problems is that there is some dirt on the sensoreither the front or the rear, that is making these photos look blurry. It is not unlikely that with the passage of time is up, straining a little dust or dirt on the device, something that can happen also in the case of the camera. Therefore, clean the sensors to remove any traces of dirt in them. You can use a cloth as you clean the glasses, which is more suitable for this, although you have a number of tips available for this.

Once you’ve cleaned the sensor or sensors needed, open the camera application and snap a photo of new. It may be that this new photo does not look blurry, having resolved in this way this problem in the camera of your Android phone. It is advisable to check every time if the sensor is clean or if it has accumulated some dirt in the same.

Restart the phone

How to shut down and restart your phone without pressing the power button

If it is a software problem, which is likely to be, restart the phone can be a good solution to carry out on Android. In a device there are always failures in their processes, which can affect the operation of some applications, such as in this case the camera application. When you restart the phone put an end to this type of processes that have failed and the camera should go back to taking photos the right way, without being blurry.

What we are doing the pictures wrong?

What to do if the pictures with the phone come out blurry 2

The majority of Android phones feature with the function of auto-focusthat will allow the photo to focus and not blurry, without us having to do something for it. This process can take several seconds in some cases (depends on the phone, the app of the camera and the sensor itself). That’s why, if we’re trying to take a picture quickly, it is possible that we are anticipating the phone and taking the photo before the sensor itself has been able to focus on what we want to capture, and the result is a blurry photo. It is for this reason that we must wait for the display to see that object clearly before you shoot.

Another problem is that our pulse is not adequate, that we are moving too, which causes the picture to go to see blurry all the time, especially in the case of taking pictures in the evening or using the night mode of the camera, which requires us not to move under any circumstances when you take a picture. If this is your case, look for a stationary surface on which to be able to achieve, so that such photos are more stable and do not appear blurry.

Restore the phone

What to do if the pictures with the phone come out blurry 3

If it is something related to the software, but we have not managed to provide a solution to such a failure, we can resort to an option something more radical, but which can work very well, as is to restore or reset the phone. This is going to cause the phone to return to its original state, as it left the factory in its day, making this a possible bug that I was doing the photos came out blurry disappear. It is a solution to try when nothing else has worked and we don’t have more remedy.

It is important that before you restore the phone do a backup of the same, to have all the data (photos, contacts, videos, etc) to good shelter. When we have made such a backup we can proceed to its restoration, which is done in the following manner:

  1. Open the settings of the phone.
  2. Enters System.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. You choose the option to Reset the phone.
  5. Tap the Reset button.
  6. Enter your PIN.
  7. Tap Ok.
  8. Wait for it to restore the phone to its original state.

What is damaged the sensor? Send it to repair


It could be that este problem resides really in the sensoror in any of the sensors in the event that we have several cameras on the phone. If it is jammed or there has been a mechanical problem in the same, that prevents that let us take photos as normal and as a result all of them look blurry. It is a possibility that we cannot rule out at any time.

If the previous solutions have not given a solution, it is better to go to the store where you bought it or contact the manufacturer for send the phone to repair service. Especially if the phone is under warranty, it has been less than two years since you bought it, then this is something that we need to do, since the mark or the shop are in charge of paying for the repair on the sensor.

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