What to do if the NFC does not work on your Android mobile

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Table of Contents

What to do if the NFC does not work on the phone

The NFC has become a feature in a large number of Android phones. It is now nearly as essential, and we’re surprised when a phone does not have it. Thanks to this feature we can make mobile payments with your phone the easy way. Although as with any feature in Android, there are times when that does not work.

Then we leave you with a series of solutions or guidelines to test in the case that the NFC does not work in our Android phone. It’s kind of annoying, especially if we are trying to make a payment and it is not possible to run it. There are several solutions that will be very helpful.

What is your bank compatible with Google Pay and NFC?

What to do if the NFC does not work on your Android mobile

Google Pay is the application of mobile payments for excellence in Android, although it is not compatible with all phones on Android, despite the fact that they have NFC. So this is already a first limitation that you can’t find the time to have to use it. On the other hand, it may be the case that your bank is not compatible with Google Pay.

It is currently compatible with over 30 banks in Spain, which cover the major banks of our country, but it could be the case that your bank is one that is not compatible with Google Paythat is something that’s holding you back from being able to use the NFC on your Android phone normally.

If you use the application of your own bank on Android, which is an option that many desire, it is important to check if this application is or is not compatible with NFC, that would allow you to make mobile payments from the same. As could be the case that the application does not have this compatibility, some only let you see the operations and make transactions online, but not mobile payments. So you need to find out if your bank application is one of these.

What are mobile payments well configured?

What to do if the NFC does not work on your Android mobile 1

Another problem may be that you have not configured the mobile payments properly on your phone, which prevents that you can use with normal on the phone. There are some times that has not been turned on that option in the phone or not you have chosen the right application by default to be able to make payments with the phone. Check this then, to at least rule out that this is the problem in your case. The steps to do this are:

  1. Open the settings of the phone.
  2. Go in device Connections.
  3. Enters into NFC.
  4. Checks to see if it is enabled in the phone.
  5. Check if you have a paid app you have chosen, and if that app is compatible.

Restart the phone

How to shut down and restart your phone without pressing the power button

If you’ve used the NFC to make mobile payments on more than one occasion and is an occasional problem, it happens suddenly, try restarting your phone. There may have been some failure in the process of this function or with the application, which is preventing its use with normal. In these cases, restarting the phone, you can put an end to the problem.

It is something very basic, but that today is giving good results when we have a problem with our phone. Try restarting and try to use the NFC to make a payment. In many cases there will be given the desired result and we will be able to make payments from the same.

Do you fault the NFC after an update?

A common cause of failures in Android can be updates. Both updates of the system or of the layer of customization, as application updates. That’s why, you try to look out for when you started to have this problem with the NFC on your phone. If it is after an update to the system or of your layer, it could be the cause that has generated this feature does not work or has operational problems.

Also an update of an application could cause it, especially if it is an app that uses NFC, as it could be Google Pay. It is unlikely that this is going to happen, that the app is updated and has as a consequence that this function does not work, but it is something that could happen. In any case, you can always be convenient to return to a previous version of the application.

Use the safe mode

What to do if the NFC does not work on your Android mobile

If you still can’t find the source of failure, you can try to use safe mode on Android. This mode generates a secure environment where you can test the operation of the NFC, for see if using this mode it works or if it really is a problem with the NFC, that could be your chip. It is a good way to go discarding causes of the origin of this failure in the phone.

The way of access can vary between brands and even between models of the same brand, although as I have, tends to be identical in the majority of cases. To be sure, check with your manufacturer, usually in the forums or on the web it indicates the way of accessing the safe mode on your phone.

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