What to do if mobile data works slow

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What to do if mobile data works slow 1

The connection to the Internet is essential in an Android phone. In a great majority of cases such a connection this is accomplished by using the mobile data. There are times in this connection to us is always the best, sometimes doesn’t work, but there are other times in which such connection is to slow. Before this there are several solutions.

A slow Internet connection it is one of the most annoying things for users. Especially because it happens many times in the worst time imaginable. The good part is that there are several things we can do if the mobile data works slowly, so that everything works again.

Restart the phone

How to shut down and restart your phone without pressing the power button

As usual we start with the most obvious solution and that is repeated ad nauseam, but that is repeated because it works. If your Android phone takes a lot of time on, you may have some process that runs out taking failures in your operation and the consequence is that your mobile data has slowed. Restarting the phone will cause those processes to stop.

So, when you restart the phone again, most likely all will work normally again and the speed of your mobile data to be the usual and you can browse or use apps on your phone without any limitation. In this kind of situations is probably the first thing that must be done.

Your location

The location you are in that moment is something that has considerable influence also on the speed of your mobile data, as happens with the coverage at home, that there are some areas which can be worse. If you’re at home or at work, in an urban area, try to move through said space, to see if it is on that site in particular there are problems. Happens to me always at my parents ‘ house, that in some rooms the connection is worse.

You can also be the case that you are in a remote areawhere the connection is going to be worse directly. In these cases it is necessary to check if there are any site where I can be better. Unfortunately, on certain sites it is possible that this isn’t going to work well.

Have you consumed your rate of mobile data?

What to do if mobile data works slow 2

Unless you have a data rate mobile unlimited, that has a number of clear advantages, it is likely that there is a time in which you reach the maximum of data that you have hired. On many carriers, when it reaches the maximum, your connection becomes more and more slow, until the start of the new billing month. It may be the case that you’ve consumed the entirety of the data without that you have noticed and that is why they work slower.

On your Android phone there is a section where it displays the consumption datayou may allow to know whether one has reached that amount or not. The steps to do this are the following:

  1. Opens the Settings.
  2. Go on Network and Internet or Network and wireless connection (the name varies between layers).
  3. Enters data Usage.
  4. Check the consumption you have done in that month.

If your mobile don’t get this, because you have not configured a maximum of mobile data a month, forever you can call your operator or log in to your customer area, where they often give these data too. So are you going to know if you have consumed the entirety of your data and that your connection is now slower.

Do you have activated the saving of data mobile?

What to do if mobile data works slow 3

Some layers of customization have a mode that allows you to save mobile data on the phone. One of the consequences of this type of functions can be the speed of browsing is going to be worse. This could be the cause of your problems currently with the navigation. If in the past you’ve used, there is more to check if it is still active. Or just check it out, do not go to be you’ve set it by mistake. This is checked in the following way:

  1. Open the settings of the phone.
  2. Enters Networks and the Internet.
  3. Comes in Saving data.
  4. Checks to see if it is enabled.
  5. If it is enabled, proceed to its deactivation.

Connection with a VPN

Android VPN

It is increasingly common for users on Android use a VPN to connect to the Internet, the selection is quite wide, in fact. Although this gives us more privacy when browsing, it may be the case that the connection is slower. If you are using a VPN in that moment that notes that the connection is slow, try to logout and browse it briefly without it, or disconnects and connects again.

It could be the case that is this the cause of the bad connection and is not really a problem with your mobile data. So, there is no check for this, to at least remove any doubts about the cause of this problem.

What problems with your operator?

Free mobile operators

Another common cause in this type of situations is that it is a failure on the part of your operator, which has generated your problem in the connection. A failure on their part has as a consequence that our data mobile to work slow, or even in a most extreme case may not work. See if this is the source is another way of discarding reasons. If you are close to someone who uses the same operator, you can ask if you suffer from the same problem.

When several people have the same operator see it as your mobile data works slow, it is then clear that is a bug that belongs to your operator and it is not something that works poorly in your phone. On the contrary, if you only happens to you, then it is likely that there is something wrong configured on the device.

To restore the connection in Android

What to do if mobile data works slow 4

It is possible that there is an error on your Android phone, you have something wrong configuredthat is causing your cellular data to work slow, generating a nuisance logic in this sense. If you’ve tried various solutions, but nothing is still not giving results, then we can try to restore all of the data connection. In this way, all connection settings in the phone returning to its original state, allowing everything to work properly again, as we have already shown. The steps to do this are:

  1. Enter in the settings.
  2. Go to the Security section.
  3. Enter in the section of Reset.
  4. Tap reset network settings.
  5. Click on the button.
  6. Enter your PIN or password.
  7. Tap Ok.

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