What to do if I can’t download WhatsApp audios?

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WhatsApp is the most used messaging application on Android. In addition to messages or sending photos, it is increasingly common for them to send us or for us to send audio messages in those chats in the app. A problem that surely many have faced is that I can’t download WhatsApp audios on my phone. This is an annoying problem that affects users on both Android and iOS.

Then we leave you with a series of solutions that we can try in the case where I can’t download audios WhatsApp on mobile. If this has happened to you, surely one of the following solutions will be of help and so you can re-download those audios that your contacts have sent you in the chats in the popular messaging application.

The solutions that we can resort to in this regard are varied, but all of them are really simple. So most likely in a matter of minutes you will have access to the audios again. These are all the solutions that we can try to put an end to this problem with WhatsApp on Android.

Check your internet connection

WhatsApp audio

One of the first things we must check when I can not download audios from WhatsApp is your Internet connection. Something common in these situations is that it is the Internet connection that is causing problems in the operation of the app, in this case not being able to download those audios that have been sent to us in the chats. So in these types of situations the best we can do is check the Internet connection. We may be having connection problems that prevent us from downloading.

It is something that we can do in various ways on our Android mobile. We can open and try to use other applications on the phone that need an Internet connection, to see if that app works. If it works, then the problem is not with the internet connection. In case that app does not work, it may be a connection problem. We can also change connection (go from mobile data to WiFi or vice versa) so that those audios can be downloaded on WhatsApp.

If the Internet connection is not the source of the problem, after having carried out these checks, at least we have been able to rule out a possible source for which I cannot download audios on WhatsApp for Android.

Has WhatsApp crashed?

WhatsApp block forwarding

A frequent source of problems in WhatsApp is a crash of the application itself. This happens from time to time and is something that all users who use the messaging app have experienced at some point. A crash in the app servers causes it to malfunction, as a consequence the app does not work or there are malfunctions in some of its functions. For example, I cannot download audios on WhatsApp as a result of this crash.

Therefore, we can check if the app’s servers are down. One of the best options to turn to in this regard is use Downdetector, available at this link. This is a web page informing us about problems with the messaging application. We can see if in the last hours there are many reports of problems with WhatsApp, in addition to a map where you can see where those reports come from and see if our area is on that map.

This will allow us to determine if there has been a crash of the messaging application. If this is the case, there is nothing we can do, so we can only wait for this error to be solved (something that in many cases can take a few hours) and then be able to use the app normally, being possible download those audios back into it.

Mobile storage full?

Another reason why I can’t download WhatsApp audios on Android the mobile storage may be full. The audios of the messaging application are files that take up a lot of space, especially those recordings that last many minutes are heavy and require a lot of space. Therefore, if we have downloaded a lot of audios over time and have left them on the phone, it is possible that the storage has been full without us noticing this problem.

If you have suspicions or want to know if this is the case, it is best to check in the mobile settings how full the storage is. Since it may be near the limit of its capacity or it may even be completely full. This is a problem when using the phone, not just downloading audios on WhatsApp. If it is really full, it is possibly the reason why it is impossible to download those audios in the messaging app. What we have to do then is free up space, something possible in several ways:

  • Delete apps and games that you don’t use: If there are apps and games that you hardly use or have not used for a long time, it is best to delete them, since all they are doing is taking up storage space unnecessarily on your mobile. It is a way to free up a good amount of space.
  • Records: You can also search for files that you don’t really need (such as photos, videos, audios, documents …). There are times when we have downloaded photos from apps or photos that we have taken with the camera, which we have already saved in the cloud. So we can delete them from the mobile without any problem.
  • Apps to free up space: Using apps like Google Files can help you discover the presence of duplicate files on your phone. This way you will be able to eliminate those that you do not need or that are on the phone twice. In addition, applications like this search and identify those files or apps that we do not really use and that we do not need, so that we can free up space on the mobile in a very efficient way.

WhatsApp settings

WhatsApp for Android

Checking WhatsApp settings is important too. The reality could be that we have configured the app to limit downloads, as a method to reduce the consumption of mobile data on Android. This could be precisely the reason why I cannot download WhatsApp audios on the phone, since that data saving is something that is limiting or blocking its download on the phone.

Within the application settings we find a series of options related to the use of mobile data. Then we will have to check in the same options if we have something configured that is limiting downloads. If this is the case, we have already found out the source of this problem. We can then change the settings related to the use of data in the app, so that it is possible to download audios in the app on our phone.

Clear WhatsApp cache

Clear cache WhatsApp Android

The cache is a memory that is generated as we use an application on our Android phones. This cache helps us to open an app (like WhatsApp in this case) more quickly and work more fluidly on the phone. It may be the case that if an excessive amount of cache accumulates on the mobile, that cache is corrupted. If the cache has been corrupted, it is possible that errors will arise in the operation of the application, in this particular case it may result in that I cannot download audios on WhatsApp.

If the cache is really the cause of this problem in the messaging app, then we can bet on erasing it. When we delete the cache of an app like WhatsApp on the phone, that error will be put to an end, because we also delete that cache that has been corrupted. This way it should be possible to download audios back to the phone. The steps we have to follow to clear said cache on the phone are:

  1. Open your Android phone settings.
  2. Go to the Applications section.
  3. Look for WhatsApp in the list of applications installed on your mobile.
  4. Click on the app.
  5. Go to the Storage section.
  6. Click on the button that says Clear cache (it can say clear cache and data in some cases).

It is very likely that when we have cleared the WhatsApp cache, the app lets us download those audios normally again. The problem would be solved in this way. This is a method that usually works very well in these types of situations, so it is always something we can do. Especially those users who have never cleared the cache since using the app on their Android phones can do this, as it is likely a cause of problems in it. As you can see, it is something simple to do and that can solve many problems.