what they are, advantages of using them and how to activate them on Android

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You may have heard of the RCS messages. The popularity of this system is due, in part, to the boost that some technology companies, such as Google or Samsung, are trying to give it. But what exactly are RCS messages? Are they a valid alternative to instant messaging applications? How can I activate them on my device? We solve all these questions below.

What are RCS messages

The RCS system, for its acronym in English Rich Communication Services, is a standard protocol promoted since 2007 by the GSMA. However, it has been in recent years that it has reached some popularity among users. The main objective of the RCS is to send text messages, images, animations or videos through the mobile data connection or Wifi.

Two requirements must be met for RCS messages to be available on a device. First, you need a supported messaging app. Currently, Google already supports this protocol in its official message application. Samsung has also done the same. On the other hand, it is necessary for the operator to offer support to this system. According to some reports, in 2020 some 88 companies from 59 countries were offering RCS to their customers.

What are the advantages of using RCS

There are some cool benefits of RCS messages that you should know about.

  • They are free. When transmitting the information thanks to the Internet connection, RCS messages only require a data rate or a Wi-Fi connection. Unlike SMS and MMS, they do not have an additional cost.
  • They do not require additional applications. No need to download and install an additional application. Thus, regardless of the device you use and its operating system, it is possible to send images, videos and other formats thanks to the network connection. Only the manufacturer and operator need to support the protocol.
  • Is a standard. The fact that RCS messages are presented as a standard benefits users, since certain compatibility problems caused, in many cases, by the manufacturers themselves trying to tie their customers, are eliminated.

But, this system also has some counterparts. For example, it does not work in the cloud, which limits its use to a single device. On the other hand, its security is poor, since it does not generally have end-to-end encryption.

How to activate RCS messages on your device

Activating RCS messages is very simple. The first thing you need is a compatible application. Some manufacturers have already adapted their native texting applications to this technology. All in all, if you want to make sure that RCS messages work on your device, ideally use google messaging app. You can download it on any Android by locating it in the Google Play Store. Likewise, at Malavida we offer you a safe and reliable download of its APK through the link that you will see on this page.

Once installed, set Google Messages as your default texting app.

Set Google Messages as the default appSet Google Messages as the default app

Next, open the menu of the three dots and click on Settings.

Google Message SettingsGoogle Message Settings

Accede to Chat features.

Activate chat featuresActivate chat features

Finally, activate the option Enable chat features.

Activate RCS messagesActivate RCS messages

From now on, when possible, the application will send your text messages using your mobile data connection or Wifi. Similarly, with contacts that also use RCS, you can send other compatible formats, such as images or videos.