What the confinement was not: the apps to link soar with new types of appointments

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What the confinement was not: the apps to link soar with new types of appointments

The confinement has ended with many practices of the day-to-day: working in an office, going out to dinner with family and friends, exercising in the street and… have appointments with people that we have known through the apps for flirting. Some of the most famous are Tinder, Badoo, Meetic or Adoptauntio.

Given that in principle the ultimate purpose of using them is usually to be in person, a priori one might think that despite the growth in use of online services and communication applications in general, the use of the applications for flirting would have gone down during the quarantine period. However, as we will see, has done no more than raisewe account for each of them. The confinement can be finished soon, and there is no time to lose.

The quarantine is leaving records in swipes

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We are at home does not mean that we want to relate less, but quite the opposite. What we have seen with the rise of video calls with nearby groups and work. By the same logic, in the background, can be applied to the search of partner relationships. If now on the Internet play more table games online, do yoga or attend to masses onlinewhy we’re not going to take the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and chat?

It is to that point from Tinder. The company claims that on the 29th of march, broke the historical record of swipes on the platform, reaching 3,000 million. In Spain, the duration of the talks has grown 26%, and each active user now sends 30% more of messages with respect to the beginning of march. Italy or France handle similar figures. According to the company, is also changing the tone of the conversations.

On Badoo also grows a lot of the number of messages, but the double in women than in men

Badoo is another great actor in the applications of appointments, and a historical that allows you to talk on smartphones, but also on its website. On the 10th of march, we contacted the company, who told us of the hands of Pablo Delgado, Marketing Director of Badoo for Spain and Latin america the activity of the platform was to rise a lot, particularly in areas severely affected as those days by the pandemic, such as Madrid.

The use of functions like chat or the video call also grew a lot those days before the more interaction that was occurring from the homes, as although he had not decreed the State of alarm, began to grow the fear of contagion. Later, already in full quarantine, since We have also shared data related to the set of Tinder: the dialogues within the platform are now 22% longer.

Video calls have grown 9%, but what’s more interesting is the division of the genders that is in the growth of messages sent. The women sent these days with a 25% more messages during day-current, while the men have to rise “only” a 12% their messages.

The same thing has happened in another of the large, Meetic, which states that the exchange of messages has surged 10% since the commencement of the health alert. In Adoptauntío we find a platform-centric that women are looking for men and them to take the first step. In it, from the beginning of the quarantine, the registrations have gone up 23% compared to the same period previous. In conversations with the same person, the messages have grown by 12%.

Not only send more messages, we also take care more our profile

Apps To Link

Despite all this quantitative increase, probably the most interesting of all the data shared by the platforms is in the qualitative. That is to say, the data that we have in what we have changed, what are we doing different, etc

From Tinder have told us that instead of just saluting with short words or emojis, now question if the other person is, or is well. In addition, in the bios is including between 10% and 30% more of messages that are concerned for the rest of the users. Of course, there are hashtags of the type #yomequedoencasa. Tinder decided to put free during the quarantine service Passport, which allows you to meet people from other countries or that are very far away. The company says users have been talking about with matches from all over the world, but they do not give a figure.

According to a feature of the platforms, the users of the apps they are concerned more for the other users and so your profile account for themselves

At Badoo, we are told, in the community you are giving “dating alternative”. This is, for example, make orders surprise with food at home, share a drink or play table games. According to Paul Delgado, we are seeing “connections and stories to longer and more significant among our users, who are finding different ways of knowing”. “The way that our community is adapting to this change causes us to believe that a new era in which not only love, but also the friendships and the support, may be an unexpected outcome of this complicated situation,” he explains.

The makers of Badoo expressing that the current situation may involve “the opening of a new era in the development of the appointments”. In that sense, a 7% of users update their profile every day. This relates to the changes that we saw on Tinder, but also with what is expressed from Adoptauntío:

“The profiles are more worked and you can filter by interests, hobbies, type of music, and a long etcetera.
So that you can find people who talk your same tastes or hobbies, or do online activities (e.g. playing video games). In this sense, we see an increase of more than 15% in the filters of search #gamer, #gaming, and also in #yoga and #crossfit . And a 5% decline in térrminos totally physical, such as eye color or the hair”.

This search for different things expresses a change in what users are looking for in a person, something that surprises but that fits when we take into account that seeks more affection than a physical relationship for now. That helps a new function from Takes have told us that it is implementing in all the user to enhance that you talk more before you get: a new screen where the messages are presented in the form of literary history / bookwith its prologue, volume, chapters, etc

On Meetic speak of that confinement has produced a new phenomenon, the slow dating, that is to say, any more slowly. In this case, means to know more emotionally to someone special who physically. So, you mentioned that “there are many singles that are interested in getting to know someone, even if you do not can be found physically within several weeks”.

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What the confinement was not: the apps to link soar with new types of appointments

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