what it is, what it is for and how to use it

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The mobile is a very personal object. It contains your messages, your photos and other important information. Despite this, sometimes surely you have had to lend it to other people. Maybe you will leave it to your children to play or to a friend to test. If you have run into this situation and you are worried about encountering changes in your terminal, you are interested in what we are going to tell you in this article.

What is guest mode and what is it for?

The guest mode It is a user account that is used for third parties to access a device. In addition to Android, it is present in other operating systems, such as macOS or Windows. The objective is to create a separate space from the main account to protect the information of the regular user.

Having a guest account serves mainly to allow the use of the device without compromising the information stored by its owner. Although using this feature is rare on phones, it is really useful on shared devices such as tablets. It is important to note that nothing that is done in guest mode will affect the rest of the accounts. In addition to this profile, Android allows you to create a multitude of users. That makes it easy for everyone to have their own applications, photos and messages, without interfering with the content of the rest. Each user can also have their own unlock code.

How to use guest mode?

The guest mode It is very easy to use. However, we must warn you that the process described in this article may vary depending on the customization layer of your device. In our case, to enter the guest mode we had to go to Users & Accounts.

Users and accountsUsers and accounts

Next, you must locate an option similar to the one you see in the following screenshot.

Multiple usersMultiple users

In the list of Android users, tap on Guest.

List of available usersList of available users

In the bottom message, select okay.

Switch to guest accountSwitch to guest account

After taking these steps, you will find yourself in guest mode. All the changes you make will not affect the main phone account. By default, the guest account cannot make calls. If you want to allow it, go to the user list and tap on the gear icon.

Guest account optionsGuest account options

Next, activate the slider that you will see next to Allow calls.

Allow callsAllow calls

If in addition to the guest mode you want to create more users, press the button More (+) and then in Add.

Add new userAdd new user

Enter the username.

Enter usernameEnter username

Once created, it will appear next to the main profile and guest mode in the Android user list.

Android user listAndroid user list

To finish, we tell you how to quickly enter guest mode or to any other user. All you have to do is open the notification curtain and press on the avatar.

Switch between users quicklySwitch between users quickly

In the selector, choose the profile you want to activate.

Switch between users quickly from the notification curtainSwitch between users quickly from the notification curtain

Repeat this last process from any profile to switch from one user to another.