What it is and how to reroll, step by step

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Table of Contents

Nor is it something exclusive to the game created by miHoYo, but we already see it in other titles of the same or similar genre. However, it is useful to explain what this reroll consists of and how we can get the most out of it to obtain rewards.

Genshin Impact

What is reroll

As in any game called gacha, which definitely most Android titles are, we can get characters in exchange for wishes, which works in a similar way to the known “Loot boxes”. When we make a wish we make a roll that we reward randomly with an article and among them we can get playable characters if we are lucky. And Genshin Impact was not going to be an exception, even more so for such an ambitious development that it costs nothing to download.

reroll genshin impact

The reroll basically consists of start a new game to try to get the first ‘gacha’ roll to reward us with the character we most desire or with one of the best available, which in the case of this game we will always try to get 5-star characters. Therefore and, in short, the reroll is translated as restart the game over and over until we get what we want.

How to reroll in Genshin Impact

First, to have access to the reroll, we must reach a certain level within the game. It really isn’t too much, since we just have to complete the tutorial, get to the city of Mondstatd and finally enter the Seat of the Knights of Favonius. This is where we will be able to reroll, after having been in the game for approximately one hour:

  • Upon reaching this point in history you will unlock access to the Gachapon, the system for making wishes.
  • Pyou will make a wish to one of the available banners with intertwined Destinations (such as the banner “Recommended Gachapon for Beginners” which guarantees you a character of 4 stars or higher for every 10 wishes).
  • When you ask for your wishes you will see if in your run you get characters and if they are the ones you are looking for or the best.
  • Depending on what you get, you will want to reroll or keep what you get.

create reroll genshin impact account

If in your first game when asking for your wishes you do not get any characters or any that you want, then you can reroll and start over to have a second chance every time you need it. To do this, you must be patient because you will have to create a new account in Genshin Impact.

Again, as was the case the first time you played Genshin Impact, you have to create an account on the miHoYo website. However, registering again implies choosing a character again, passing the tutorial and arriving in the city of Mondstatd, a process that not everyone has the patience to repeat.

Many people may think that this method is not worth it or is too tedious to spend the time. This will depend on the patience and tastes of each player, although it is true that reroll in Genshin Impact largely compensates for real money disbursements. In fact, although it is not as likely to get a 5-star hero, it has been shown that to do one hour of reroll equals 60 in-game summons.

Is it illegal to reroll on Genshin Impact?

Due to some account bans on the Chinese server, there are players who fear that miHoYo will ban reroll. Don’t panic: miHoYo is totally okay with you doing multiple reps. Actually the wave of bans that took place in China was, in fact, a search for “Account sellers”, who were reselling renewed accounts. MiHoYo does not ban accounts that have used the reroll, unless they connect to several different IP addresses .