what it is and how to configure it

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For a few versions, Google has implemented a feature known as Digital Wellbeing in the Pixel and Android One families of phones. It is intended to provide the user with a detailed report of which applications we use, which web pages we visit, how many notifications we receive and how many times we unlock the phone in a given period of time. Well, Digital Wellbeing is not just for that. Apart from everything that we have just mentioned, a series of measures are included aimed at making us use our devices more responsibly and rest better. We refer to Android Sleep Mode, of which we will try to give a good account in this article.

What is sleep mode on Android

This Sleep Mode is actually a collection of tools built into the watch app. The goal is none other than to improve our sleep habits. The main idea is to make users aware of the importance of having good habits of use, as well as to help them develop healthier sleep routines. If you do not have a Pixel or Android One device, it would be enough to install the Google clock application on your device to be able to enjoy this function.

Within what is the Rest Mode, we can find the following:

  • Schedule: allows us to set the sleep schedule, setting the time to go to sleep and wake up, and setting an alarm for the latter.
  • Rest activity: shows the use of the mobile phone during the break time, and which applications we have used the most.
  • Sleeping sounds: plays relaxing sounds that will help us fall asleep, or allows us to choose music from Spotify or YouTube Music.
  • Upcoming events– Displays a list of to-dos on the next day’s agenda.
  • Sunrise alarm: This is a function that illuminates the screen in sunrise colors 15 minutes before the alarm sounds.

How to configure sleep mode on Android

First, download and install the clock application that you will find below if your terminal does not have Digital Wellbeing. If you have a Google Pixel, a device from the Android One family, or your phone supports Digital Wellbeing naturally, you don’t need to.

With the application already installed, open it and go to the tab Rest:

Break tab in Android Clock appBreak tab in Android Clock app

There, tap on Schedule to set a sleep and wake-up schedule, pressing each hour separately to edit them. Here we set the start of the break time:

Rest start settingsRest start settings

And here is the time to wake up:

Alarm clock settingAlarm clock setting

And with this you would already have the Rest Mode configured. Additionally, you could also configure which days you want it to activate. You do not have to exit the clock application, from there you can do it. In the schedule configuration screen itself, you will be able to activate and deactivate the days you want it to be activated:

Rest mode active on specific daysRest mode active on specific days

It is worth mentioning that the days that are colored are those in which the Rest Mode is active, and those that are gray are not. At the moment the alarm time is still fixed, but you can configure the days on which you will rest and those that you will not.

In addition to this method, if your device has Digital Wellbeing support, you have another way to access the Sleep Mode settings. Click first on Settings:

Access to Settings on the main screen of the phoneAccess to Settings on the main screen of the phone

Then do it about Digital well-being and parental controls:

Digital Wellbeing in Android SettingsDigital Wellbeing in Android Settings

On the screen you will arrive at, click on Rest mode:

Google Digital WellbeingGoogle Digital Wellbeing

If you click now on the option At a certain time You will access the Rest Mode configuration options:

Sleep Mode Settings in Digital WellbeingSleep Mode Settings in Digital Wellbeing

As we have seen in the case of the clock, if you click on the start time and the end time you can edit these values:

Setting the Sleep Mode Start TimeSetting the Sleep Mode Start Time

By clicking on the days of the week that you see below the hours, you will also be able to choose the days on which the rest mode will be activated, exactly as we described a little above.

Apps that will help you sleep well

If the Rest Mode that Android offers you is not enough, or you need another type of help to rest better, in the following link we will offer you the best Android apps to sleep well. Among them you will find apps for different purposes: monitoring your sleep, relaxation techniques before sleeping and even effective ways to combat your snoring. If you need it, feel free to take a look at them.