What is this game mode?

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Table of Contents

The Urban Breakthrough mode in Brawl Stars consists of stopping monsters that are trying to invade the city. This is a new update that the video game has made during the summer with the aim of grouping players. The same they are in charge of fighting a bot, you can select the usual friends or try randomly.

Brawl stars
Brawl stars

How the Urban Breakthrough mode works

As it is a game mode in which you must not battle with other players, forget about raising drinks. Rather, focus on getting tokens for the Battle Pass and you’ll have to play it a minimum of 6 times. It is the only way for you to reach the necessary points to go to the next level.

urban breakthrough brawl stars gameplay

On the other hand, this game mode requires 3 team members, that is you and two more friends. So, at the start of the game, they will be in charge of attacking a robot that damages everything in its path. However, when threatened, you will have to decide between destroying the city or making a counterattack.

Also with the Urban Breakthrough mode you can get to Insane 16 through a bug in sight. To do this, you must match a brawler Bo with his gadget and the Star Power. Then place them in the middle of the map for the Super to charge up and start auto-attack. In this way you can stop the robot throughout the game.

Another bug that allows you to paralyze the dinosaur and that you can choose to try is using Gale as bait. The reality is that you only have to do Gale’s ultimate in a specific place to slam it against a wall of buildings… And there it will stay. It is precisely on that wall that the dinosaur will remain blocked for a few seconds until enough time passes for it to become stronger and jump to another place, but at that time you will have taken enough life to pass the phase without problems.

How does the robot behave in the new game mode?

Well, what it tries is to be constantly breaking the city, so its main behavior is that. However, if you attack him up close like Bull or Darryl for more damage, he will do you damage without stopping breaking the city. In addition, it has a second type of behavior, and that is that it seems that when it has just broken a few blocks, it attacks all the players in the game until it loads them.

Recommended Brawlers for Urban Breakthrough

Being a PVE, and above all, as the difficulty level increases, a team or heroes that can work very well are Pam and 8-Bit fundamentally. Thanks to the double healing and “fury” of 8-Bit, it allows us so much that it does not kill us how to kill it as quickly as possible. Obviously we find more brawlers very suitable for this game mode, but these are the ones that can best go to defeat the monster.

urban breakthrough brawl stars difficulty

Ultimately, the best characters are those with attacks that don’t hurt the stage. However, those who can move faster have an extra ballot to shine in Irrupció Urbana. In this way, the two most prominent Brawl Stars characters in Urban Irruption are:

  • Max: His ability to run fast and spread that speed to his companions is key to escaping the mega-monster.
  • Rich: His shots ricochet off buildings, and his special ability allows him to run 34% faster when low on health.

They are also very good in Urban Breakthrough mode, for their ability to slow down the progress of the megamonster, such as EMZ or Spike.