What is the difference between graphic design and web design?

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graphic vs web design

This is surely a frequent doubt in most people who want to hire an advertising agency, develop a brand, redesign an already established brand or create a custom website. The truth is that both concepts are part of the image and branding of a company and therefore are common jobs in marketing and advertising agencies. However, there are obviously great differences between one and the other. What service specifically do I need to hire? A graphic designer or web designer? Explanations

What is graphic design?

graphic design

It is a discipline that arises from design itself. Opposed to art, whose purpose is merely contemplation, what graphic design seeks is convey a message, resolve a conflict, satisfy a need. In this way, both digital and physical tools are used to create informational and advertising elements. Likewise, the graphic design execution area is very wide and diverse, it can be: brochures, banners, advertisements, billboards, magazines, editorial articles, among other advertising elements that can be transmitted to the public in print or digitally.

What is web design?

Web design

Here we are talking about a much more specific trade. The web design is commissioned solely to create web pages and apps. Thus, web design can be understood as a specialization within the design, because it concerns only the digital and is of course dependent on the internet. However, this does not mean that it can be assumed that the web designer’s task is much simpler. On the contrary, the web designer must not only have basic knowledge like the graphic designer, regarding the use of color, image size, and branding but also deep knowledge in computer science and programming, since web design has a lot to do with the SEO of a website. Several of the knowledge that a web designer has to handle are:

Differences and similarities

Why then do both professionals work in the same company? Normally graphic designers work in advertising agencies, while it is more common for web designers to work independently. However, both professions are geared towards marketing. In this sense, you need a company of both in any efficient marketing strategy, to transmit information and spread a product or service through both print and digital media. After all, it is very important to have a website, an app, and a good design for your brand. Often, agencies that offer design will also have packages for brand strategy services that can further compliment your website.

On the other hand, it must not be forgotten that it is not possible to hire a person who can carry out these two trades. It is finally about two different professions that complement each other and they are not and never will be the same. Therefore, it is important that you ask yourself what you are looking for at the moment and go directly to a person specialized in the area you need. If you are starting from scratch, then it will be better to go to an agency that is responsible for developing a complete marketing strategy where different professionals have to see. But, above all, never fail to inform yourself well before making any decision.