What is source mode and how does it work

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We are going to know everything about this gameplay that emerges to give an experience different from what Soul Knight has normally offered. Of course, we can not expect anything other than action and a frenetic pace.

Soul knight
Soul knight

What is Soul Knight’s origin mode

Origin mode is basically a mode where you must defend a large crystal from enemies. Is a extra game mode (along with the boss rush mode) in which we will have to protect the magic stone from infinite waves of enemies, and you will have to defend them at all costs. The game ends if your character dies or if the crystal is destroyed.

soul knight origin mode

Soul Knight always dupes us in a history to justify subsequent events, and this mode was not going to be less. The story of this origin mode takes place in the past, when the bosses were about to steal the magic crystals and plunge the world into chaos. The heroes must face infinite hordes of heroes and enemies, in this mode there is no way to win, so the attempts of our heroes will be in vain and they will fall before the hordes which will make the magic stone break and everything starts from where we start our adventure, recover the magic stones and bring peace to the world.

How this game mode works

It is important to be clear about what we have to do once the mode has started and to know where we have to go. In the initial hall, you will appear next to a pedestal and a large gem, in addition to this there are three chests from which weapons, health or energy restoration items, or character improvements will come out. In the sections of the corridor, up and down, some NPCs will appear that will help us in this fight which are the following:

  • The trader: This NPC sells three weapons at the same time, these will be updated every time you pass a horde. It is located at the top of the initial hallway.
  • The blacksmith: This NPC allows you to improve the weapons that you carry in your hand. It is located at the top of the initial hallway.
  • The summoner: Allows you to summon various things, such as mercenaries, surprise eggs, chests, etc. It is located at the bottom of the initial hallway.
  • The mentor: Allows you to improve the character. Each time a level is improved, the life and maximum energy is increased, it can also improve the character’s active ability (such as making her range longer in case of the mage’s ice ability). It is located in the lower section of the initial hallway.
  • The engineer: Sell three turrets at the same time which each horde is updated (I will mention them), you can also improve them, and by doing this the life of the turrets is restored, increasing the life and possibly the damage of these.

In addition, these characters we can supplement with various widgets of equipment to use them in the origin mode, each one represented by a color on the map to differentiate them. Among them, we find the walls (gray), to create them and defend ourselves from the waves; EMP device (light blue), hologram turrets (red), enhancer (dark blue), energy device (yellow), among others.

Recommendations of this origin mode

The first thing we recommend that you do to start this mode is put up all the walls of which you have, then start to place the first row of hologram turrets, the next step is to buy the four power-ups and on the fly the EMP devices. Once that is done, you have to make sure that the wall never drops too much life, if it does, you must improve the turrets as this restores its life and also gives it even more life than it had.

origin mode soul knight example

The second recommendation of this origin mode in Soul Knight is that we are going to propose that it refers to the character to use, which can be the assassin. Why? It is due to its second active ability, that of clones and its weapon, since if you do not use a weapon made by you in the workshop or in the three chests a good weapon does not come out, the murderer’s sword will be very helpful.

Recommended weapon types to use in this mode

Thanks to the different combinations that you can make in this source mode, there are more or less effective ones depending on the materials or elements you use. Therefore, these are the most recommended weapon types and combinations to use:

  • Rail guns or gauss
  • Weapons explosive
  • Lasers
  • He fine magic staff using it with all the clones at once if you use the killer
  • Weapons that focus the enemy in a position (such as “Implosion” or “horn”, or “Black hole missile”, except weapons like “Void Sword” as enemies can damage you)
  • Weapon of massive shots (like gatling gun, since turrets will do well)
  • Weapon with area effects (Like the Molotov cocktail)