What is Peggo apk?

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Peggo apk it is a utility application for Android to download videos hosted on Youtube and Soundcloud in MP3 and MP4. So it’s a sort of DVR/digital video Recorder. In fact, it is a smart tool to extract videos from YouTube. The application Peggo is built with many features to improve the quality of the video or audio recordings. The performance of Peggo is fast, simple, accurate and above all intelligent.

Peggo apk is a third-party application. Therefore, it does not appear in the list of the Google Play Store. But not to worry, from here you can download peggo free. In one aspect, Peggo also is a converter of formats. Peggo apk belongs to the tools category. There is a premium version for Peggo apk also. This comes with some advanced features added. But the free version of Peggo apk is completely free and you can get good service from it also.

Features of Peggo Apk

Normalization of the volume

Different contents of different audios and videos in the music library or video is constructed with multiple volumes (too slow -, moderate -, or too high). You have to do this again and again on every audio or video track that is a sort of disturbance to your intake soft video or audio.

The function of volume normalization in Peggo apk take the volume of each source to a normal condition and standard that is comfortable for you. So you’ll have a good performance in the library MP3.

Removal of the silence

Most of the youtube videos have a portion of silence at the beginning and at the end of the video. This silence ruins our experience of streaming. You may still not have a great impact in this silence in the video because you have not experienced a recorded video through Peggo apk. To know the benefit of the elimination of silence, you have to transmit a recorded video from Peggo apk. To see a sequence of videos one after another, this option of removal of silence is very useful to have an uninterrupted entertainment.

Record audio with the best quality

Peggo record audio with the quality originally available in the range of 64 kbps to 256 kbps. In this mode, audio is recorded with the best quality available. You can also select the bit rate needed to record the audio. But if the bit rate selected does not match with the audio from the source, Peggo apk proceed with the registration on the bit rate of the original source.

MP3 recordings of high quality

Peggo apk record videos in MP3 format and allows you to enjoy the audio track with the best quality.

Video recording

Peggo apk is not limited to audio recordings. Also record videos in MP3 format. It is best that lets you record any Youtube video or Soundcloud in any resolution from 144 pixels to 1080 pixels quality. So Peggo apk is an alternative to youtube that you can enjoy any youtube video.

Discovery of metadata

The data of each MP3 are filtered in function of the album, the album art and the release date.

Support of Substract

You can record parts of the videos. The recordings can be done in seconds, minutes and hours.

ID3 tags

The title of the video/ audio in particular is highlighted along with its artist by deleting data unnecessary extra, including HD, 1080p, lyrics and others automatically.

Built-in search engine

Peggo apk is integrated with a powerful search engine. So that you can navigate by the preferred video from the Peggo. The results are presented in a blink of an eye without let you to stay a lot of time to find your video of interest. It also has the ability to search links. If you want, you can paste the link of the particular video or write the title of the video. For Peggo apk allows you to record your content.


This function allows you to upload the video with a single click. At any time you can enjoy the video easily with the Bookmarklet Peggo apk. Allows you to record any video from YouTube or SoundCloud with a single touch.