What is Clash Squad and how to win in this game mode

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This is an important aspect, since it gives us the option to choose between one mode or another. Free Fire already facilitates different game formats in events, but they have the handicap of being temporary. In the end, we are left with the legendary batte royale of a lifetime and with which it has become so popular. With Clash Squad, we have an alternative that we can play with together with our friends.

Therefore, Free Fire has a couple of different game modes for players to choose from: the Clash Squad and the Battle Royale, both with ranking systems divided by ranks based on the experience you have in the games.

Garena Free Fire: The Cobra
Garena Free Fire: The Cobra

What is Clash Squad

This novelty of having a different game mode cannot be fully understood if it is not explained about what it is about. If we do not know the objective and the game mechanics, we will hardly be able to win the game, or even play a good role.

In Clash Squad mode, one of the most popular of Free fire, incorporates the playability of a traditional shooter. In this mode, 2 squads with 4 members each battle each other in a best of 7 series to discover the winners. The play zone is a small area in Bermuda or the Kalahari. The team that wins 4 of the 7 rounds gets the Booyah!

How to play to win in this game mode in Free Fire

Well, we already know the objective and what we have to do to take the victory, remaining to distribute the roles in the team. The last thing we have left is to adopt aspects to take into account to be better than rivals. Therefore, to learn how to play this mode correctly, we are going to leave some guidelines or aspects to take into account to handle yourself like a fish in water in this game mode. Either with friends or alone, the important thing here is to win the game, which is why we play in Free Fire.

Buy the weapons in a coordinated way

In Clash Squad mode, players receive credit that they can use to purchase all the items needed for a match, including weapons, utilities, and more, before the round begins. The recommendation is to make coordinated purchases so that everyone has an equal opportunity to excel in shootings. Players must also drop weapons for others if they have extra credit.

clash squad free fire weapons

Coordination on the battlefield is also necessary if a team wants to win in Shock Squad mode. Each member of the team should strive to revive the others whenever possible, as it is difficult to win a match with a lost player.

Since there are only a limited number of weapons you can buy and the round only lasts a few minutes, choosing the correct skill to equip your character is very important. If you enter with something that is not suitable for the mode as Maxim’s ability, you would be at a great disadvantage. In this article, we list the best combination of characters that you should use when playing Clash Squad Ranked.

  • Gangster spirit: With the Round based match, you will gain 235 HP each time you respawn with Antonio’s ability. Having more HP than your enemy is very useful in this mode, as you could win most fights 1v1.
  • Drop the beat: Nothing beats Alok’s infamous speed boost + healing. This is the most powerful ability in Free Fire and in fact remains unchanged in this mode.
  • Sustained raids: You would have to buy and use SMGs in this mode as they are really cheap. The Sustained Raids ability would heal you for 40 HP instantly after every kill with SMGs or Shotguns. Which would reduce the need to use healing items.

Combine the characters in the best way

Characters have special abilities that can change the outcome of a game in almost any mode. There are 37 characters currently available in the game, with the latest introduction by Skyler and Shirou. Free Fire also allows players to combine the abilities of different characters. Players are advised to choose skills / characters based on their play style.

For example, if they prefer an aggressive game, a combination of characters like Chrono, Jai, Jota, and Shirou can help them beat their opponents more easily. We do not recommend including Misha, Notora and Wukong as inefficient in Clash Squad mode.

clash squad free fire characters

Shani’s ability would increase the armor’s durability after every kill; you can even upgrade your body armor to level 3, which is not available in this mode. Armor plays a huge role in fights, and getting more durability would allow you to fight more often. Players should also consider using Kla in Clash Squad mode, as his ability increases fist damage by 400%, which can come in handy in the first round of the game.

Don’t be aggressive during the game

Playing safely and not being aggressive in the early stages of the game can do wonders for players in Clash Squad mode. Free fire. Rushing to early fights can result in a team member getting knocked down in the first round. Instead, players must focus on taking control and capturing the key waiting spots.

This gives them a strategic advantage over their opponents. They approach them when the situation calls for it. Aside from these tips, collecting utility items like Gloo walls and grenades can be very useful for players in Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode.