What is Android GPU Inspector and how it will improve mobile gaming

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Android 11 became official exactly a week ago, a version that in addition to being available for the Google Pixel and Xiaomi Mi 10 in Spain will end up reaching several mobiles soon. In addition to this version, Google has published a new tool that today is only available for this version, but that will help Android games to advance to the next level, whatever your mobile.

Its official name is Android GPU Inspector, and it is a tool for developers to take advantage of the full potential of mobile devices. What does it consist of and how will it make us have better games on Android?

Android GPU Inspector, the new essential tool for game developers

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Creating video games is a complex art. Although with modern environments such as Unity3D or Unreal Engine it is easier than ever to create a game and that it works perfectly on almost any smartphone, this is not the case when it comes to making the most of resources. Optimizing to the maximum is difficult, even if you are an experienced programmer, so having tools that facilitate the development process.

What is Android GPU Inspector and how it will improve mobile gaming 1

Android GPU Inspector is the new Android development tool. The operation of this tool could not be simpler, and while we test a game we can see in great detail what is happening inside our mobile, both in the main processor and in the graphics processor, the most important element to when it comes to delivering the best performance in video games.

Android GPU Inspector helps game developers better understand how their game works on mobile and teaches them to create more optimally.

This tool is not used to improve your games magically,and in fact nothing changes for the ordinary user. However, indirectly if you will appreciate how your favorite video games will start to work better on your mobile without you having to do anything. Google claims that thanks to the Android GPU Inspector, the creators of Diablo Immortal have had 45% bandwidth for the vertices, while in games like the new Crash Bandicoot the interval between each image has gone from 11-16 ms to 8 ms. These figures probably don’t tell you anything, but if we talk aboutsmoother performance and less battery consumption Sounds good, does not it?

Available in beta for Google Pixel 4 with Android 11

Google Pixel 4Google Pixel 4.

The tests that Google was talking about have been made possible thanks to a private version of Android GPU Inspector. In just a few hours, Google has opened this tool for all developers in the world. In beta phase, yes, so it is possible that there are errors.

If you are a video game developer and want to try Android GPU Inspector you will need a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL updated to Android 11 (Although it is to be expected that with the updates to Android 11 it will end up expanding its compatibility). This does not mean that game improvements apply only to mobiles that have this latest version of Android, since Android GPU Inspector does not improve games, but rather helps developers to better optimize their games, something that helps us to everyone.

If you are a video game developer or just curious, you can download Android GPU Inspector on its official website by clicking here.

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