What does a company have to do to appear in the Yellow Pages

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Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages They were always a reference to find any type of professional that we need at any given time. The digital era ended with the printed version, but the digital one continues, a perfect place to what professionals or companies sign up and reach many users. We tell you how you can do it.

The Physical format from the yellow pages disappeared on March 22, 2021, although in several cities it had not worked for a long time. Without a doubt, everything digital has ended up devouring what is written and this is just one of many cases.

This type of business was in decline in recent times, so from the brand that owns the yellow pages BeeDigital They decided that it was time to invest all efforts in the part of the business that is on the Internet. But they did not stop there, since in addition to the yellow pages they offer other services that include all possible subscriptions for companies or freelancers who want to continue advertising in it.

Yellow Pages Online

Yellow Pages Online is one of the most consulted directories for companies and professionals in Spain. As the written guide no longer exists, everything is currently digital so it is even easier to find different professionals that we need.

The main advantages that exist for searching Yellow Pages are:

  • It is the perfect place to look for any type of service or professional, since it has more than 10,000 different activities. Having information such as schedules, how to get there and even forms of payment among other things.
  • Can be done fully customized searches by province, locality, neighborhood or district.
  • The Yellow Pages Online street map indicates where are the businesses, how far we are and even how to get to them on foot or using transport.
  • Thanks to a reservation system Very effective you can reserve hotels, tables in restaurants and even a place at the doctor.

The website works really well, but having version for Android and iOS It means that many more people can use this system to find everything they need at any given time, since the applications allow us to carry out very exact searches.

IOS Yellow Pages

Register our business for free

We can register our business from free of charge in Yellow Pages. For that we must click on Include your business for free, which is located in the upper right part of the page, specifically in the area that is painted blue.

Upon entering we can see what it says at the bottom Don’t have a user account yet?, which is where we must click to register. We can also choose to press any of the network buttons that we have, since they can be used for them. We can choose to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or Apple.

Sign up for free Yellow Pages

Once inside we must complete the form data that comes out to give information to the system of our entire business. In addition to our name and that of the business, address, telephone numbers and others, we will also have to put the company NIF.

Business plans

Then there is the other part which is to acquire one of the plans offered by BeeDIGITAL. Currently Página Amarillas offers online marketing tools to business and that is the way to appear on this website, in addition to more than 50 sites such as Google My Business, Facebook, Bing and several more. exist 3 plans preconfigured to adapt to the needs of different businesses: Basic, Essential and Professional.

Basic plan

This plan has as aim to improve any type of Internet business, offering different marketing tools. Thanks to this plan our business will appear on Yellow Page in addition to 50 digital platforms such as Google, Google Maps, Google My Business, Bing, Facebook, Huawei Search, Tripadvisor.

The business will have a prominent position in the Yellow Pages, in addition to a chatbot in the file of this, within the web and with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for personalized advice.


In this plan we will get everything we have in the Basic, with the same number of digital platforms where we are going to appear, with the same personalized support 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, but to all that we must add that they offer us the creating a web page along with email, domain and hosting accounts.


In this case we have everything we have seen in the previous plans, such as the 50 digital platforms where our business will be launched, the system of custom support every day of the year and at all hours and the web with your domain and hosting. But we will also add an online store, including a product catalog and a payment gateway.

In this plan it will be in which better positioning will have within the directory of individuals and companies in Yellow Pages, something normal as it is the most expensive of all. As an extra differentiator, businesses that acquire this plan will have the button Call free which is a service that allows potential customers to contact our business by phone easily, quickly and for free. This button is displayed in the Yellow Pages ad together the contact details. Once the call is finished or if we cannot answer it, we will receive a text message reminding us of the contact details of this client. That way no customer will be left without your answer.


Yellow Pages plan prices

The prices of the different plans that we have at our disposal by BeeDIGITAL are:

  • Basic plan: 43 euros per month.
  • Essential Plan: 83 euros monthly fee.
  • Professional: 113 euros is the monthly payment that we will have to pay.

With all that we have already told you, you will be able to register your business in the Yellow Pages by choosing the method that best suits you. You can do it for free and go out in this powerful professional and business search engine, but you can also use the digital marketing systems that they offer you from the website itself. Whichever you choose, being present in the Yellow Pages is always a very good option for the development of our business and to reach more potential clients.

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