What can I do with Google Advanced Search?

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gogle advanced search

Google is not only one of the most used search engines At present, it accounts for practically all searches, more than 95%, although other services have come to follow on its heels. Its fame has not been earned in vain, in fact, it offers very good results and has a fairly search engine. advanced.

How to access

If you want to access this service, all you have to do is enter google. If you want me to ignore your previous history, you can delete it, close your session or, more securely, enter incognito mode from your browser. On the same page you will find, below everything, an option that says Setting. If you give it, a new screen will appear in which you will see that you can activate the Advanced search. You will meet it and you can use it.

These are the steps you must follow to get to it, although you can also enter directly from this address (You can change the corresponding domain according to the country from which you want to obtain information, for example Google.es if it is from Spain).

access advanced search

What does it offer

This practical tool from Google, and not as well known as the simple one, offers you a lot of possibilities. You can search with certain words, phrases, numbers, limiting the results as you wish, with or without copyright, limiting explicit content, on specific pages and much more.

But beyond that you can also filter your results from news, images, videos, travel and many other things, however, we are going to start with what you can do with it in the general results of web pages, what it offers you and how you can find the best results based on your interests at all times.

Search with words or numbers

You are already in it and you will find two options, one of which is to “Search pages with”. From it you can find pages with all the words that you indicate, the exact word or phrase, any of the terms that interest you, avoiding a certain word or with numbers from a certain amount to another. The interesting thing about the latter is that you can indicate the unit of measurement, so that you find just what you need related to the indicated numbers. Remember to write a colon between the numbers.

When you are doing a search infrequent, you will find that in the conventional option you will see results that are not what you need, sometimes it may even suggest that you are looking for something else, however, you can refine them with this tool. It is also interesting if you are looking for a specific name, and you want it to be exactly that.

google search with

You will find this functionality very practical, especially if you want to look for one exact phrase Or you want to limit your searches by avoiding certain content, but each of the functions that it has is sure to find a specific use at certain times.

Limit the results

Once you have indicated any of the previous options, it can be simply a word in all these words or the exact phrase or whatever you decide, you have the possibility to limit the results with filters that will help you refine more when it comes to finding websites.

You can make your searches by language, region, update (in the last 24 hours, week, month, year, at any time), on a specific site or domain, whose text appears anywhere on the page or in other sections, by file type or for use rights.

filtered advanced search

Thus, if you want to search for a specific word in your language and region, it will be much easier to filter the results, as well as if you need to know more current information, search in domain in concrete, but this does not have a search engine, you need to access PDF or PowerPoint files, etc. As you can see, the filters offer you many possibilities that we recommend you explore, and that will most likely be useful to more easily access the pages that offer you the information you are looking for.

Enable Safe Search

From this same advanced tool, you can make a safe search, which means that content will be leaked sexually explicit. You can request that these contents be shown or hidden so that you cannot see it, something interesting if you do not want these results to appear or they will be used by children.

You will find it very useful when you are looking for certain information in particular and you realize that most of the results that appear on the first pages are for sexual content, when what you need is other information. Before, much more happened, especially with certain words more than with others, so if this is your case you can activate this option and have pages more related to what you want to find appear.

It is interesting to know that, if Google detects that you can be younger, automatically activates this functionality, which is activated in consultations and in videos, images and websites. It is not totally accurate, but it does get close to it as much as possible.

Of pictures

To access this functionality in the images, you just have to go to Google images (you can find it at the top of the page) and do the same steps. You’ll Setting, at the bottom of everything on the page, and Advanced Search. You can also enter directly from here.

A new screen will appear in which you can indicate if you want to find images with all the terms, with exactly one word or phrase, with any of those indicated or limiting the absence of any. So far it is like in the other, but below you will find the own filters of the images.

You can to select image size, aspect ratio, colors (black and white, full color, transparent, with certain colors), image and file type, the region, if it is in a specific site or domain, the rights of use and even the Safe Search option.

advanced google images

As you can see, you are offered many possibilities to fine-tune the results depending on what you need. For example, you can find licensed images Creative Commons or with other licenses. You can filter the size if you want them in a certain resolution or a certain weight, if you want line drawings, face photos and many other possibilities. Although remember not to make approximations so specific that no relevant result appears, which can also happen.

google search images

It is interesting that you also know that you can access the advanced results of images if you do any search and under it you select Images. If you look, after more you will find Tools. If you click there, the most interesting filters will appear below the menu. It is not that advanced, but it has quite a few options.

advanced search images


You can find videos on Google that perfectly match your criteria by using Google’s advanced option. To do this, you just have to indicate the word from which you want to obtain graphic material, go to the Videos section and activate Tools.

There you will find various filters or options to consider, such as if you want me to search the web, in Spanish or Spain (or the indicated country), the duration, date, quality if you want them to have subtitles and the sources you want it to find results from.

For example, if you Google “paint a wall”, videos of high quality, duration less than 4 minutes and on YouTube, you will see the results of what you have indicated. So with all the options provided by the service depending on what you want to find.

google video search

It is interesting that you know that you can also access this service in a more advanced version from here.


Google offers you many more specific services than to obtain results beyond the pages, images and videos. In fact, you can find news, shopping, books, flights, finance, and maps. In all of them, if you enable Tools you will find many useful filters depending on each of the sections consulted.

You can filter your news results if you do any search and then select the option News. Enabling the Tools, which you will find just after the same menu in which this option is, will appear several filters that may be of interest to you. You can search the web for pages in Spanish, from Spain, according to certain times or in a personalized interval of time and ordered by importance or by date.

search news google

As you can see, Google’s advanced option provides you with many interesting functions to find exactly what you were looking for without making the task complicated, something that happens many times. Accessing this is much easier than you imagine and provides you with many functionalities.

Helpful Commands

If you like to do your search without more, without having to access other sections that you do not know, because you are clear about what you need, you can also resort to the commands through which the results are automatically filtered. Remember that the domain, word or words must follow immediately after the command, without separation. Introduce them in the search engine.

For this reason, we will discuss some of the useful commands that you will need the most, not without telling you that there are many more, so if you usually use them frequently or find them interesting, do not hesitate to resort to them:

  • if you: Search in a specific site, you just have to put the command and the specific domain
  • related: In related sites (indicate this command and immediately after the domain
  • “word” (in quotes) Words together in quotes means you want the exact result
  • -word The subtraction hyphen, and later the word, means that they are searches in which this does not appear, normally it follows another term that is searched
  • + word To say look for what you need and include the term obligatorily
  • -inurl The negative sign with inurl and the domain after means that you do not want anything to appear from the indicated domain or page
  • intext and allintext These commands followed by a colon and the word, all without separating, means that you are looking in the text of the pages
  • filetype: This command with the file type subsequently unseparated indicates that you search by file type
  • cache: In this case, you want the old version of a website
  • define: You are looking for the definition of a concept
  • site: extension If you write if you, then a colon and then the domain extension means that you only search in this extension. It can be .com, .es, .net, .org, .xyz or whatever you wantsite command

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