what are they and how to find them

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It is strange that Niantic, Nintendo Y The Pokémon Company They will wait two years until they add the friend list to their system, taking into account the amount of opportunities it offers. In fact, one of the biggest attractions of the console versions of the game was the ability to interact with other trainers (friends in this case). Be that as it may, the truth is that in 2018 they decided to add it to Pokémon GO, offering a lot of functions and advantages for all players.

What are the friend codes in Pokémon GO

add friends

Before getting into the subject, let’s first define what are the friend codes in Pokémon GO. It is a unique code of 12 digits with which we can add our friends. To find it, you must open your profile by clicking on your avatar, which appears in the lower left corner of the screen. Then you must go to the friends tab, where all the friends you have added will appear. At the top, press the button Add friends, and on the next screen your 12-digit code will appear, which you can copy to the clipboard, share directly through your social networks or through a QR code that the game itself will generate.

On the other hand, if you add friends in Pokémon GO you can have access to several very useful possibilities to interact with them. We find the following:

  • Know their progress and coach level. As additional information, we will be able to know the last Pokémon that they have captured or the distance walked lately.
  • Trade Pokémon to increase the registration in our Pokédex.
  • Send and receive gifts, such as eggs or special stones to evolve certain Pokémon or healing objects.
  • Make coaches matches, which was added at the end of 2018. This was one of the most anticipated features by all players.

Friendship levels

The level of friendship will help us to have access to more advantages and possibilities. As we level up, players will have access to better rewards for becoming a master, as I said Ash. The ideal is to interact day by day with friends to level up faster, although we can only do it once a day. You can level up faster by doing gym battles and raids with your friends, trainer battles with each other, trading Pokémon and opening gifts, as well as sharing raid passes.

On the other hand, there are 6 levels of friendship different plus one additional. Depending on the level in which we are, we will be rewarded to a greater or lesser extent with experience points or exclusive discounts. These are all the levels that we can find in Pokémon Go:

  • Unknown level: does not require interaction days. You will not get bonuses, experience points and you will not be able to make Pokémon exchanges.
  • Good friendship level: this level is achieved when you have 1 day of interaction with your friend. You will be rewarded with 3,000 experience points and a 3% combat damage increase. From here, you can already trade Pokémon.
  • Great friendship level: 7 days of interaction. You will get 10,000 XP, discount on stardust and a 5% damage increase in combat. Also, you will get 1 Honor Ball in raids.
  • Ultra friendship level: You must interact for 30 days. You will get 50,000 XP and the damage in combat will increase to 7%, as well as half discount of Stardust in exchanges and 2 Honor Ball in raids
  • Unmatched friendship level: You must interact for 90 days. At this level you will get 100,000 XP, and you will increase your damage in combat by up to 10%. Lastly, you will get 4 Honor Balls in raids.
  • Lucky friendship: it is enabled randomly when interacting with a friend with whom we have the level of friendship without equal. Here you can make exchanges of lucky Pokémon, which are Pokémon with a special shine around with more advantages than the rest. Of course, this level can only be obtained with the first interaction of each day.

How to add a friend in Pokémon GO

friends list

Once we have understood what the friend codes are in Pokémon GO, how we can find it and what are the different levels of friendship that exist in the game, it is time to know how we can add a friend. Remember that the friends list It has a maximum limit of 200 players. It is a very simple method, and for this you must follow the following steps:

  • On the main screen, click on your avatar to open your profile.
  • Next, go to the Friends tab, where you can see all the ones you already have added.
  • Press the Add Friend option, and your friend code will appear and below the button to add friends. You can do it in three different ways: by entering your coach code, scanning your QR code or through Facebook, which you will have to link your account with the game.

Invite a friend to get more rewards

invite friend

Just a month ago, Pokémon GO launched a new feature called Referral program. It was in testing for a few weeks in Australia, but they finally decided to include it for all players in the world. This function basically consists of inviting players divided into two categories: for those who have never downloaded the game and for those who have played but have not accessed the game for more than 90 days.

To invite him, you must follow the same steps to add a friend, with the difference that you will see a tab in which he will put Invite. When you access it, you will get an invitation code (which you can modify) to copy or share with the players you want to invite. Once the invited player has redeemed the code, you must ensure that you are mutually added to your friend lists, otherwise you will have access to the rewards of the program. After this, both of you can see your respective list of Referral missions and the rewards for completing them.