What are snippets and how are they used?

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Table of Contents

All Mobile Legends players would love to unlock every hero and skin of the game. Unfortunately, we know that it is a long road that can be frustrating. Fragments play an important role in this endeavor, and for that reason, they are worth knowing about.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

What are fragments and all their types for?

The first is the first. Essentially, getting Shards in Mobile Legends serves the purpose of to unlock skins specials or that are available from eventual way. for all heroes there is a series of skins unlockables, but can only be accessed through these snippets. It does not mean that you have to leave the money in these items, since there are several ways to get them without taking out your wallet.

Premium Appearance Fragments

These types of fragments are used to unlock a series of skins or appearances that have been enabled first in special events. In the list you will see, for example, Bruno Forward Elite, Eudora Carnaval Navideño or Fanny Princesa Punk. They are the easiest and fastest shards to collect, as they can be obtained in many ways.

Mobile Legends: Premium Appearance Fragments

Rare Appearance Fragments

Rare Appearance shards are used to obtain skins high quality that you can hardly ever get by other means. They are unique appearances dedicated to some heroes and not part of any particular event. The bad point is that it is the kind of fragments harder to accumulate in Mobile Legends, so you will need patience.

Hero Fragments

This type is for unlock heroes And, along with battle points and bonuses, it’s a good, free way to increase your collection. Hero Shards can be obtained quickly, although not as fast as Premium Appearance.

Mobile Legends: Hero Shards

Good Luck Gem Fragment

These Good Luck Gem fragments are of a very specific type and extremely difficult to accumulate. They are very valuable fragments that serve both unlock heroes as appearances, in addition to special and unique effects for the games. Do not acquire anything with these types of shards unless you are very sure.

Mobile Legends: Good Luck Gem Fragment

Protection Shard

The last type of fragment is different from the rest, as it has nothing to do with acquiring heroes, appearances or anything similar. It is a extra protection what do you get at play ranked. If you see that you have these shards in your inventory, you can exchange them for Protection Cards. These cards will prevent you from losing a star in the next game.

Mobile Legends: Shard of Protection

How are the snippets used?

The process to use the fragments is not very mysterious, but the main thing we must know is that to use any of these three types of fragments, we must go to the store and enter the section “Fragments”, located at the bottom of the menu.

Once you are there, you can use the fragments obtained to unlock appearances and heroes. In the case of fragments of Premium appearance, the costs will vary between 75, 100, 150 and 250 shards. However, some of the appearances can be purchased with diamonds, such as Akai Summer Party. From here, to obtain one of the fragments in particular, we are going to go by parts, slowly and with good handwriting.

Good Luck Gem Fragments

To access the section where to use this type of fragments, it is necessary to go to the game store and enter “Draw”, “Luck”. Within this menu, at the top you will find the button «Shop of Luck».

fragments mobile legends bang bang

You will notice that there is a hero and an appearance. Unfortunately, there will be no more options than these, so it is very limited compared to the other sections. Think of it as an extra option, so you will have a better chance of getting that hero or look you are looking for. In addition to obtaining both types of items, in the “Treasure” section you will find an effect of elimination, appearance or return to base.

Protection Shard

This type of fragment is easy to use, because you really only have to exchange them for Protection Cards. Once that is done, if you play in ranked, the next time you lose the game it will not count as a loss. Therefore, the Card will be spent automatically and you will keep the same number of stars.

Tips for getting shards

It hurts how much it takes to get skins and heroes, plus they’re expensive. It is not necessary to have absolutely everything unlocked, because surely you only control the heroes that you like the most. Even so, there are a few tips that we can use to apply them and get more fragments in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

  • Don’t stop opening Free Chests. You will have one available every 4 hours, and there is a slight chance of getting one of these shards.
  • Always try to perform well in games. This will help you get more Medal Chests, which have a better chance of giving shards.
  • Complete as many Daily Awards as possible. Throughout the week, you can unlock two chests: one at 400 points, the other at 800. It is guaranteed that you will get fragments when you open them.
  • By leveling up your account, you will sometimes get shards.
  • connect every day. In many cases, the reward for entering the game will be a small sum of shards.
  • Be sure to check the “Events” menu frequently. You will get prizes for winning a game, connecting or meeting a goal. Several times the award includes fragments.
  • As you play games, you will also get gifts in the “VIP” menu. Do not forget to enter there from time to time, as they will give you bonuses and shards, among other things.
  • Inside the store, in the «Luck» menu under «Draw», you can play a kind of roulette. You will get various types of prizes, including fragments.
  • Always do your best in ranked matches or ranked. Do not waste those fragments of protection you have collected, since after all, more victories mean better prizes.