What are PUBG Mobile Ranks: Classes, Rewards, Requirements

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As we said, if you want to become an expert in PUBG Mobile, you must spend a lot of time. Its gameplay is far from simple, and to master it you have to play a lot of games. Even less simple is his sort modeas the number of players is too high. These are divided into different ranks, which were created to increase the competitiveness of the game. The further you get to the end of the games, the easier you will level up and receive more rewards. In addition, it is recommended that you play regularly, as other players can take the lead.

How to level up in PUBG Mobile

Generally speaking, the best method for leveling up is to score as many points as possible in each game. How many more enemies math and more weather you survive in them, the more points you will get. In fact, reaching the end of games is said to outweigh your enemies. To achieve this, it is best to play in Miramak, the map of choice for less experienced players, and Erangel, the oldest in the video game. This is because the survival time is longer in both and you can fall in places further away from the enemies.

On the other hand, cure your squad mates will also make you score points faster. Complete the missions the battle pass can also help us a lot. There are two types, the missions challenging and the daily. In the first you should know that if you complete 10 a week, you can receive boxes with rewards exclusive, being able to add 200 or 500 in some cases.

If you want to do it in a more professional way, within the games stay out of the first circle from the storm, get hold of weapons that adapt well to your gameplay and position yourself in the highest places on the map to spot your enemies with time. In addition, if we find players with higher ranks and we manage to win the game, we will obtain a large number of points.

level up pubg

Characteristics of each rank in PUBG Mobile and what you get

First of all each rank PUBG Mobile is comprised of five levelsexcept the tallest. You start from level 1, and your mission is to reach 5. When you pass it, you will automatically go to level 1 of the next rank. It must be said that rewards are obtained depending on the season in which we find ourselves, and in each one new accessories or garments are assigned to personalize to your character. These are the rewards we get during the games:

  • 20 BP for each enemy killed.
  • Up to 20 BP for damaging an enemy.
  • 800 BP for winning the game in Individual.
  • 400 BP for winning the game in Duets.
  • 200 BP for winning the game in Squadron.

Now that you know what are the rewards that they give you in each game, we are going to explain all the ranks that we can find in PUBG Mobile:


It is the lowest of all. When we play the first five qualifying games, it will automatically place us in this rank. Most of the players we meet here are new or just starting to play, and there are usually bots. In any case, this range gives us a more comfortable experience in our first steps. We must get 1000 points to get there and 1600 if we want to move to the next range.


As you play your first few games and become more familiar with the game, we will reach the next rank. You can still see some bots here, but players already have a slight idea of ​​how to play. Like the previous one, we will also find five levels, from 5 to 1. The points range from 1700 points up to 2100 needed to move on to the next.


Players in this rank already have many hours of play, and have enough experience and knowledge to win a game. decent in the game and knowledge about the basics of the game. You will start with 2200 points and when you reach level 1, you will have to overcome the 2600 to upgrade.


When you pass level 1 of Gold, you will go to Platinum, a rank that must already be taken seriously. Here the players are quite experienced and have a medium-high level of play, so you will have to apply certain strategies and have very good aim if you want to arrive with options at the end of the game. Therefore, you can start forgetting about bots and noobs. The scoring system starts at 2700 points and reaches the 3100.

pubg ranges


This range includes players who already have mastered the basic concepts and seek to increase their level to face high-level users. Therefore, here we must have a good level if we want to kill our enemies. You will start with 3200 points and to move up to the next rank, you must reach the 3700, a score that can already be considered quite high.


The players already have a good competitive level, and can even participate in amateur tournaments. It is probably the category with the highest level of competitiveness, since we find many players wanting to progress and position themselves among the best in the world, so killing an enemy will be really difficult. You will start with 3800 points and you must reach the 4100 to go up to the next one.


In this group we find players with incredible skills of a high competitive level. From this range the scoring system that we found in the previous ones ends. Here all users are able to cope in any situation, and have the most exclusive items. There are no longer five levels as in the previous ones, as this rank is made up of very few lucky ones in which only the best remain.


This is the highest rank in the video game and the one that gives the most prestige. Here we find the 500 best players from each region, and they are rewarded with different gifts, such as a title or a frame. It is necessary to play for hours and hours not to be downgraded, since the classification is constantly updated.