WeChat: what is it and what functions does it offer us

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WeChat app Android

WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal are the messaging applications best known snapshot among Android users in Spain. However, the selection of instant messaging applications that we can download is much broader. Another application that we can install on our smartphone is WeChat, which may sound like some. Others may wonder what WeChat is.

Here we tell you more about WeChat, what is this instant messaging application and what functions does it offer. As we have mentioned, it is an app that is gaining presence in the market, so it is good to know more about it and what it has to offer. It may be that for some of you it will become an instant messaging app that you are going to install on your mobiles.

WeChat: What is it

WeChat Android

There are no surprises in this regard, WeChat is a instant messaging app that we can download for free on Android and iOS. It is an application originally from China, where it is even the most popular messaging app on the market. Currently, it has about a billion users worldwide, making it one of the instant messaging applications with the most active users in the world, behind WhatsApp in this case.

Something that makes it different from other apps in this segment is that its functions go beyond the typical of an instant messaging app. WeChat gives us the typical functions of apps of this type (individual, group chats, calls, video calls, sending files, emojis or GIFs …), but at the same time it has many more functions, in some cases halfway between an app of messages and a social network.

Within the application we have sections of moments or share memories with others. In addition, it has its own payment system and in China the app allows us to make purchases without leaving the app itselfYou can even book vacations in it, for example. It also allows you to make calls to landline numbers, you can share your location with other people at all times and the app also translates the content we see within it thanks to its support for 18 languages.

Beyond a messaging app

WeChat notifications

When we talk about WeChat and what it is, saying that it is an instant messaging application is something that falls short. As you can see, it is an application that integrates elements of many different types of apps, such as functions of a social network, an online store and even mobile payments, with its own payment system. You can do many different actions within the app, something that has helped make it one of the most popular in China, for example, undoubtedly dominating the instant messaging segment.

It is good to be able to see the functions it offers divided into some categories, so that we can know more about it and what it has to offer. Especially for those users who have never heard of this app and are investigating alternatives to other apps in this field such as WhatsApp or Telegram, it is good to know what functions await us.

Messenger service

Within WeChat we have the essential functions of an instant messaging application. The app makes it possible to have individual and group chats with friends, family or colleagues. In addition, these group chats can be very large, with up to 500 participants in total within them, even making it a good tool for companies or if you create a class group at university. The way to invite people to chats is very comfortable, and it is even possible to do it using QR codes, which speeds up the process at all times.

In addition to sending text messages and voice notes in these chats, the application also allows you to both voice calls and video calls, something that is possible both individually and in a group. In those conversations that we have within the app, it will be possible for us to send files to other people, such as photos or videos, share links and also send GIFs or stickers, in addition to being able to share the location. As for calls, the app even has support for phone calls to landlines.

Social network

WeChat has some elements of a social network, with its states and the Moments function. The states are similar to those found in other apps such as WhatsApp. You can upload a status that then the contacts we have will be able to see and that will be deleted after about 24 hours from our profile in the app.

The other function that reminds of a social network are the so-called Moments. This function within the app is designed so that we can share our favorite moments in the form of photos or videos. In the app there is also a section fully dedicated to these moments, so that we will be able to see those that our friends have uploaded and comment on them, for example. Our friends will be able to see the moments that we have uploaded in their feed.

Payments and purchases


If in WhatsApp we find WhatsApp Pay (its payment system that is gradually expanding in the market), WeChat’s answer to this feature is Pay and Wallet. These functions are not available worldwide, but they are two elements that we can consider key within this application. Thanks to them, users who have an account in the same will be able to make payments without leaving the app, something that is especially convenient. In addition, it is allowed to use this function also to send money to friends and family. This payment system will be linked to your bank account so you can make all kinds of payments within the app.

Another aspect that is unusual in this app is the possibility of making purchases, although it is something that is mostly limited to China. Within the app we have a large number of brands, products and stores available, so that we will be able to buy something without leaving it, also paying for that purchase using the app’s payment system. The options when it comes to shopping are many, and it is even possible to book our vacations (hotels and flights), among others. This will also be able to pay without having to leave the app itself, using its payment system at all times.

These types of functions are a prominent aspect in WeChat and they define well what it is as an application. Unfortunately, these are functions that can be enjoyed in China only, waiting for them to gradually expand in the market, as the application gains ground in other countries, for example.

Language support

WeChat has been launched in more languages ​​over time, as it is available in more countries. Thanks to this it is possible to use this app in Spanish. Those users who are interested in using it on their Android phones will have no problems when using this app. What’s more, the app supports a total of 18 different languages, which allows users all over the world to download it. Surely as it is launched in more countries this number of languages ​​will increase.

Support for these 18 languages ​​is something of importance in the application, because it allows them to be translate content within it. What you see that is in a different language will be able to be translated, even messages that you have received in your chats in the app will be translated. Both text and audio messages will be translated without leaving the app, as well as the content that can be seen within the Moments Section. This is something that helps make it very accessible.

Is it worth downloading?

WeChat Play Store

Now that we know what WeChat is, we can see that it is a very complete application. It goes beyond what is expected in an instant messaging application to use, thanks to its payment system, social network functions and the ability to make purchases without leaving it. The bad news is that many of these functions are limited only to China, so although they are its main claims, not all users can enjoy them.

WeChat may be gaining market presence and these functions also reach Spain, although it seems unlikely at the moment. For those who are going to travel to China or have friends in the country, it is presented as a good way to stay in touch with them thanks to its functions and its easy-to-use interface. This application is available for free for Android in the Google Play Store. You can download it from this link: