Website creation, what type of agency to contact?

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Creating a website for your business is a good strategy for its development. Indeed, it allows to gain more visibility, and to obtain potential customers. A website can be created for each company regardless of the field of activity. You have websites for cooking, online sales, services, information, etc.

Creating a professional website requires several skills. Indeed, you must know the design tools, uploading, production costs, etc. It can become a heavy task for the average person. That is why there are web agencies.

The different types of web agency

Web agencies are numerous and sometimes have several specialties. You will find on the web, SEO agencies, social media, digital advertising, website design and production, marketing and web content.

It is clear that for the creation of your website, you must contact an agency specializing in this area. Choose an agency close to you, a local agency. If, for example, my business is developing in the Normandy region, it is in my interest to seek a web development agency located in Caen or any other nearby city. THE’Internet agency in Caen specializes in the creation of web, web and mobile applications and natural referencing. The last specialty is very important to have a better ranking in search engines like the giant Google.

The web agency has the skills to create a tailor-made website for you. Nevertheless, here are some tools for website design.

Design a website

Use a CMS

CMS (Content Management System) is a tool that facilitates the design and management of websites. To use it, you don’t need to have specific skills. For more choices, there are several CMS on the market. They have almost the same functioning in common. Thus, it allows you to choose a theme for the presentation of the web, the colors, the size of the fonts, etc. The most popular CMS on the market: WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Drupal, Prestashop, etc.

Of course, CMS are accessible to everyone and easy to set up without any real skills. However, there are several disadvantages associated with the use of a CMS by individuals. Indeed, you can be limited in the graphic creation, the high prices of certain extensions. In addition, you do not have direct assistance in the event of a problem.

Create your own website

To realize your own custom website without the help of CMS, you must have real skills in programming, web development. Thanks to your know-how, development costs will certainly drop. In addition, you can customize the site to your liking.

If you are specialized in PHP or Javascript, choose a Framework based for a robust work. In particular Laraval, Symfony for PHP or React developers, Vue, Angular if you master JavaScript. Use a CSS framework like Bootstrap to format your website.

You should also have database skills for recording and updating website data. MYSQL would be interesting, it is free and has extensive documentation.

After developing the site, consider finding a quality host, especially OVH and LWS, etc.