Wear OS will make it harder to load apps from outside of Google Play

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Wear OS will make it harder to load apps from outside of Google Play 1

The sideload of applications in Wear OS It is something that users in Spain do. It is about copying the version of these mobile apps for the watch, but soon this option will no longer be available. Google has sent an email to developers informing of this change, which officially takes effect on March 10.

This change means that applications cannot be installed using the Apps option on my phone. It was a very comfortable and popular system among users to install those applications that are not available in the Google Play Store on Wear OS and thus have them on the watch.

Major change in Wear OS

Google email developers Wear OS

To make it easier to install applications on a smartwatch, developers are allowed include a version for Wear OS within the version from your Android app. This system means that it is not necessary to download anything else on the watch and you only have to move that version of the app on the phone to the watch, in order to be able to use it on it.

Google allows you to download and install applications directly on a watch with your operating system, using Google Play. The firm seeks to complicate the use of the aforementioned system, which is why they have begun to hide Wear OS applications within Android apps when a search is made on Google Play. What’s more, from March 10 It will not be possible to install these apps from the Applications section on my phone, the method used for those apps that are not available on Google Play, which is also faster.

In their email, Google suggests to developers that use a multi-APK system instead of adding that version of the Wear OS app to the Android version. This will help the app to appear when searching on Google Play on the watch itself, in addition, if downloaded to the mobile, only the APK of the Android version will be downloaded and not the version for the watch. One aspect that Google has not clarified is whether Applications on my phone cease to exist.

The change takes effect on March 10, so it forces developers to make changes in these next few weeks.

The Wear OS entry will make it more difficult to load apps from outside of Google Play appears first in The Free Android.