Wear OS is updated: your watch will be faster and with better battery

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Wear OS continues to advance in the market in Spain Step by Step. Google is working on a multitude of new features for its operating system, some of which they announced a few weeks ago. Now an update is released for the watches currently on the market using this operating system. Thanks to it they get a series of improvements.

This new update is currently being launched for a few watches, although Google will be rolling it out among watches from various brands shortly. In this Wear OS update we find performance improvements of watches, as well as their autonomy, to make the most of the battery.

These improvements are introduced in Wear OS

Wear OS is updated: your watch will be faster and with better battery 1

The update is released under the name H-MR2 and incorporates a number of improvements to the watches. One of the most important refers to performance, the startup speed of the clock and the applications installed on it. Since thanks to the update, Wear OS watches will see a 20% speed increase. This means that the watch will start up with a higher speed, as well as open the apps more quickly.

The autonomy of the watches will also improve in this update. A energy management that is more precise, so that the battery of the watches can be used to the maximum, obtaining a greater autonomy. Google also improves the process of pairing the watch to the phone via Bluetooth, which will now be faster and simpler, contributing to a better experience.

Wear OS also gets improvements in management of sports activities, as well as the changes of the dials in the clocks. Due to this update, it will be possible to handle these activities more quickly, as well as being easier to handle. It contributes to making the use of the watch more comfortable and faster in general.

The new update, named H-MR2, has already begun its rollout. Although for the moment is limited to Suunto 7-series. Google will release the update for watches from other brands in a few weeks.

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