We tested the new Google Assistant driving mode

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We tested the new Google Assistant driving mode

Since the end of last year the Google maps is testing the new Google Assistant driving mode. It is a new, improved voice control and navigation interface that will replace the mobile version of Android Auto.

The preview of the Google Assistant driving mode is activated in selected accounts, and in one of our accounts we have finally been able to test the improved Google Maps browser to tell you all the news that you will find when this feature officially reaches the world.

How to activate the Google Assistant driving mode

Google Assistant Driving Mode

If you want to know if you can participate in the Google Assistant driving test you just have to go to Settings> Navigation settings and see if in in Google Assistant Settings The subtitle “Manage driving mode” appears. If that phrase appears then you have been selected by Google to test its new navigation interface.

Google Assistant Driving Mode

The driving mode It is activated from those “Google Assistant Settings”. A card will appear informing us that we can preview this characteristic. By clicking on “More information” you will take a short tour of its main news.

This is the driving mode of the Google Assistant

Driving Mode Google Assistant 1

The main novelty of the Google Assistant driving mode is the new bottom menu that allows us to activate the Google Assistant and access a supported multimedia app drawer, such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Play Books, Google Podcasts or Telegram.

The second novelty is that the driving mode will be in charge of managing calls and messages while driving with a new interface and voice commands. You will be able to accept calls and listen to messages with just your voice.

The third novelty is that while we are driving all other notifications will be muted so there are no distractions. When you start driving mode, the ‘Do not disturb’ mode of your mobile is automatically activated.


Driving Mode Google Assistant 2

Driving mode will integrate our favorite music applications into its interface, with a design that will show the recommendations and covers in large for when we are parked in the car, with voice command suggestions for when we are driving.

Google Assistant Driving Mode

The main view of the driving mode has the button “Media” that allows us to access the section “For you”, Which are a selection of suggestions with music, podcasts and audiobooks that we might like to listen to at that moment.

{“videoId”: “x7zvldh”, “autoplay”: true, “title”: “13 TRICKS to get the MOST out of GOOGLE MAPS”}


Google Assistant Driving Mode 3

In addition to the “Calls” direct access that allows us to quickly access our favorite contacts and recent calls, the driving mode allows us to use the Google Assistant to make calls and to answer calls. For incoming calls, the Google Assistant will notify us who is calling us and will ask us if we want to accept the call using only our voice.


Google Assistant Driving Mode

The same thing happens for messages, In addition to being able to use the voice commands of the Google Assistant to send messages to our contacts, when we receive a new message the Google Assistant will allow us listen to them and respond to them with our voice. The main view also has a shortcut to view recent messages and send a message to your favorite contacts.

Google Assistant Driving Mode

When will driving mode reach everyone?

This question remains a mystery, in the United States they have been testing this feature since autumn and in Europe the testing phase started last April. On other occasions, Google has taken advantage of the summer holidays to launch important news on Google Maps, since at this time of year, travel for vacations increases a lot.

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We tested the new Google Assistant driving mode

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We tested the new Google Assistant driving mode 1

We tested the new Google Assistant driving mode 2