We tested the game mode of Android 12: this is how Google thinks about enhancing the games

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We tested the game mode of Android 12: this is how Google thinks about enhancing the games

The beta 3 from Android 12 finally bring the early game mode system native: said mode, denominated in Castilian like “Panel of game”It offers everything from performance adjustments to features such as do not disturb while gaming; or the FPS of the title while it is running on screen. We have tested it.

Most Android manufacturers, at least those that have a custom layer, were integrating an improvement system in the games with which users can not only customize their games, also directly stream the game or select which apps can interrupt it. Until now Android did not offer anything similar natively, but everything changes with the “Game Panel” introduced in the Android 12 betas. According to our tests, the new mode will significantly improve games.

Game mode is active, but apps are not fully supported yet

With the latest beta of Android 12, number three, Google activated the games mode after already anticipated previously. For this mode to work, the user needs to activate it manually and that the developer includes the API in their app that enables performance tuning, key to the new functionality.

According to Google, so that apps can access the full potential of the game mode These must include the API developed for this purpose, the “Game Mode API“Since Android 12 is still in beta, there are still no titles compatible with the new function, hence it cannot be fully tested. We did manage to access much of its benefits.

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To activate the “Game Panel” of Android 12 you obviously need beta 3 of this operating system. In the event that you have it, you just have to do the following:

  • Open your mobile settings.
  • Look for “game” in the search engine, above the menu.
  • You will see the “Game Settings” setting appear. Click there.
  • Activate “Game Panel” to make this mode work with the relevant apps. If you want, you can turn on the “Do not disturb when playing” if you don’t want to worry about distractions
Game Mode

With the above process the games mode It will now be available in all installed apps that Android detects as games. During its execution, a small balloon is hidden on the side of the screen that, when pressed, projects the launcher with all the settings of the “Game Panel”.

Access to the “Game Panel” is hidden on the sides of the screen when any app rated as a game is running. You have to unfold the bubble and click on it

The new mode allows streaming directly to YouTube Live, offers shortcuts to screen capture and recording, allows you to turn on “Do Not Disturb”, show game FPS and change phone status in three modes: high performance (performance), normal (standard) and economizer (battery). This last adjustment will be extended in games as developers use the new Android 12 API.

Great functionality with plenty of room for improvement

Game Mode

It costs a lot to unfold the bubble of the game panel if gesture navigation is activated

We have tested the “Game Panel” with several titles from our Google Pixel 4a and none of them had performance manager enabled yet. It is also difficult to display the settings bubble: hides on the side and doesn’t always come out when you slide your finger along the edge of the screen; a gesture that is extremely difficult when using gesture navigation.

Knowing the FPS of the games without having to install applications seems very positive to us, also having the most common controls during the games just a few keystrokes away. Being able to stream directly to YouTube will be to the liking of many, although Google should include other options, such as Twitch.

Game Mode

Game panel horizontally with all shortcuts activated in the bubble

The gaming mode of Android 12 is still far from that of brands such as Samsung, OnePlus or Xiaomi; and at an abysmal distance from the settings offered by gaming mobiles, such as Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 or the Asus ROG Phone 5, for example. Even so, it is the germ of what Google can achieve in one of the fields that has evolved the most within smartphones, that of video games.

With increasingly powerful hardware, that there are settings capable of obtaining all that power, and that they are included in Android natively, will make any Android user enjoy a full gaming experience. Now all that remains is for developers to include the new “Game Mode API” in their apps.

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We tested the game mode of Android 12: this is how Google thinks about enhancing the games

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We tested the game mode of Android 12: this is how Google thinks about enhancing the games 1

We tested the game mode of Android 12: this is how Google thinks about enhancing the games 2