We tested Dragon Quest Tact: Square Enix’s new tactical RPG

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Dragon Quest Tact

Dragon Quest Tact is a new RPG tactical that is destined to be a success among Android users in Spain. This is a genre where we have a large selection of games, which we have talked about previously. After being available only in Japan for a while, this game is reaching more countries on the Google Play Store.

This game comes to cause a sensation among Android and iOS users, after being a time available only in Japanese lands. Dragon Quest Tact has been able to stay true to the experience of this saga, which has already been running several installments on Android. A game that seeks to hook and has all the elements for it.

A tactical RPG that seeks to hook

Dragon Quest Tact combat

Dragon Quest Tact is a tactical RPG where we will face to a series of turn-based matches, an operation already known in this type of games. We will have to form a team with various monsters, which we will have to train, equip and customize, so that they will be able to defeat the enemies in those combats in which we are going to take part.

The strategy we use in those fightss is another important aspect, because we must outsmart our rivals. Studying the battlefield is something that can make a difference when we are fighting. The controls in the game are simple, which will help to ensure that these battles are not particularly difficult for us, as far as handling is concerned.

Dragon Quest Tact awards

As we go advancing in Dragon Quest Tact we will earn gems, are obtained by victories. Every day that we enter the game we will also be given a prize in the form of gems, which we can later use to improve our monsters, such as their abilities. In addition to improving our monsters, we can discover new monsters in the game as we progress through the story.

Dragon Quest Tact has several game modes, including adventure mode. There are also weekly or daily challenges in it, which are another way to train, improve and test our level. Both modes allow everyone to choose that option that best suits what they are looking for as a player.

Dragon Quest Tact Adventure Mode

It has opted for a very colorful style, with very original beasts, that manage to make the game especially interesting. Graphics help transport you into this world that Square Enox has created. There is a wide variety of monsters available, so we can choose from many. It is not difficult to play, especially if you have played other games of this style before, with intuitive controls.

How to download Dragon Quest Tact on Android

Dragon Quest Tact

Dragon Quest Tact can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. The game follows the popular free-to-play system, with purchases inside. These purchases are mainly aimed at obtaining random characters, among which there are great rarities. Of course, these are optional purchases at all times, which can reach 89.99 euros in some cases. You can download the game from this link:

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