We tested Apalabrados 2: the popular game already has a second part

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Apalabrados has become a very popular game in mobile phones, created by the studio Etermax, which over the years has left us with more word games like skillz for ipad 2, which we talked about a few months. The study leaves us finally with a second part of popular game, now we can download on Android, because Apalabrados 2 is a reality.

The game has been updatedwith a new aesthetic, in addition to a number of new features. All the necessary ingredients to Apalabrados 2 go to repeat the success that had the first version a few years ago. What are these changes and new features, os we have below.

New design and single-mode

We tested Apalabrados 2: the popular game already has a second part 1

When we enter android word game in which 2 we can see immediately the change of design. There is a commitment to a more modern interfacewith many more colors and is more dynamic, but keeping a few simple controls at all times, that allow you to be able to move around inside the game without any problems. The social component is retained, since we can enter our account of Facebook, and we have the chat where you can talk with the opponent during the games.

A change of interest in the game is that we can save profiles of other players to play against themto be able to challenge them again. In addition, the expectations that we had to endure in the original game go away now, because we have a single mode again. In this way, we have to find a word that describes a picture. It is a way to play while we wait to have opponent’s a game.

We tested Apalabrados 2: the popular game already has a second part 2

In general lines, the mechanics of game android word game in which 2 has not changed, just. We’re going to be able to compete against random players, players that we have saved, in addition to friends or family that challenge. We have to use the seven letters that we have in the box, and in this way we will form words, if we use all, we can earn extra points. Also if we put on special boxes multiplies the amount of points that we won. It is for this reason that the strategy will be important, to try to maximize the profit in this case.

The game introduces four new functions or powersthat will help us during the games: the first discovers all of the boxes in which you can play tabs, another shows us the location of the best move, the third way a word automatically, and the fourth allows you to see the best word we can form with our chips, or to finish a specific shift.

How to download Apalabrados 2 on Android

We tested Apalabrados 2: the popular game already has a second part 3

Apalabrados 2 has already made its entry in the Play Store, so what are you going to be able to easily download in your Android phone. The download of this game is free of chargealthough it follows a formula that we’re seeing a lot today. There are ads, in addition to having shopping. The purchases are to get a few coins with which to be able to advance in the game and be able to buy these special powers, in addition to remove the ads inside the game. These purchases range from 1.09 up to 109.99 eur.

We tested Apalabrados 2: the popular game already has a second part 4


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