Waze is renewed big: new logo, new colors and moods

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Waze is one of the best navigation applications available for the Android users in Spain, which has features that Google Maps does not always have or take more time to use. As usual the application is updated with new features, but on this occasion leave us with a new image, both inside and outside of the application.

Waze debuts a new logo, introduce new colors within the app, and we found a new function of mood states. New icons, that represent your mood while driving, to share how you feel in every moment in your account in the app.

Waze renews its appearance

Waze is renewed big: new logo, new colors and moods 1

Waze has changed their logo for the second time since its inception, as seen in the photo. So much the font as the icon of the car has been modifiedwith respect to the logo that the majority of users on Android will recognize. There is a commitment to a source that gives the feeling of being something more professional, more formal in comparison with the current font that is used.

The icon of the car takes on a more image friendly and fun in some way, with a design more similar to that of an icon. In addition, the new feature that has been introduced in the application of moods, it uses the same icons, with different faces, to represent those states of mind, that we can have when driving.

Waze is renewed big: new logo, new colors and moods 2

It introduces a new range of colors in Wazethat bet also for the vivid colors in this case. A few colors that stand out against the background of the application, and that break with the current fashion among Android applications using basic colors such as white and black. Stands out against other applications, which do not use this type of colors.

Moods called mood in its English version, intended to comply with precisely this function: to represent the state of mind of the user on the road at that time. All kinds of adaptations of the icon of Wazewith different moods, and using in addition the vibrant colors that are now one of the hallmarks of the application. There will be one for each situation.

Waze is renewed big: new logo, new colors and moods 3

These new colors, new logo, and states of mind in Waze are already official, although I have not been introduced yet in the app in Android. The company has said that coming soon to the appbut have not given dates for the time for this to happen. So that will have to wait for the update of the app:

The entry Waze is renewed big: new logo, new colors and moods appears first in Android Free.